Monday, April 27, 2009


So. I am a Canadian. And...I love hockey. I always dreamed about having my kids play. Then we moved to Mexico and I kinda forgot about that dream. Then, the dream was re-introduced when some neighbors told us that their son plays. Here. In Mexico. But the dream was dashed again when Reece said he didn't want to play. That was about 8 months ago.

Our other neighbors and good friends told us a few weeks ago they were taking their son to try out hockey. I jumped on the dream again...and this time my boys decided to give it a try (there is no doubt that friends have influence - even at an early age).

I will say that I did a lot of self-talk to remind myself that we are not going to be parents who force our kids to play a sport they don't want to play. But we also know our kids and know they take a little time to adjust to new and unknown situations. So...I found the balance within myself between those two facts and prepared to see what happened at our first attempt at the beautiful sport of hockey. Considering some early tears were shed in those first moments in the dressing all turned out pretty well....and we are setting our sights ahead to the NHL :)

Gettin' suited up...

Getting ready to hit the ice for the first time! Check out this video (I had my camera sideways and that's how it uploaded...sorry, but you get the idea. Ready for the NHL? Not quite...but pretty good for his first time ever!)

Reece did well and was proud that he didn't even fall one time in his second class.

Chase had a bit of a harder time getting his balance, but found it with the help of a chair :)

I LOVE this picture -because he just looks like he was born to play (its the Canadian blood!)...and his smile is genuine...he is really having fun....and that makes me really happy. Note: the scar on his face was not from hockey - but it kinda makes him look tough doesn't it :)

Here is Reecer with his good friend Kate - all of her roller-skating practice has helped her out a lot too - she is doing great!

So - although Chase is feeling a little more timid about all of this - we are being understanding and letting him take his time and go at his own pace. They have only gone two times so there is lots of time to gain confidence and to decide if it is for him or not. Reece keeps asking to go back...but the City is shut down for swine flu breakout so skating will have to wait. In the meantime...we are thankful for healthy boys and for opportunities to try new things that connect us to our roots.

Arrrggggghh! Captain Reece Turns 6 with a Pirate Party!

Our Reecer turned 6 on April 16th, and we celebrated as though we were on the high seas! Ships, treasure hunts for hidden treasures, eye patches and swords. If I do say so myself - our party was a lot of fun and I think the pirate crew left happy and content...and the captain birthday boy all the more!

getting' dressed up!

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the pirate brothers

After all the kids were dressed in their pirate garb, they played and played and played. Pierce suprised us because he wanted his patch and bandana on all day and had sword battles with the birthday boy!

And then...we began the search for the hidden treasure - the stick to hit the pinata! They searched for 6 pirate themed clues that lead them to their find...and then on to smash open the pirate ship pinata for their candy booty! The kids really loved this (to Benjy's suprise!)

listening to the clues...

the pinata

Arrrggghh! We want candy!
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the booty!

And you can't have a birthday party without birthday cake! Since Reece doesn't like chocolate and my creative preference wouldn't make a different colored pirate ship - we made an island especially for him. Reece claimed the hidden jelly-bean treasure and after eating the majority of the blue jell-o waves...ended up not eating much cake after all. Oh well! I loved making it for him.

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time for cake!

Happy 6th birthday Reece. We can't believe you are already so big and we sure had fun celebrating who you are and what you mean to us. We wish great things for you this year and are thankful to God that you are our pirate! What a gift you have been to us!

A very special thanks to Mimi for all of her hard work cutting pirate sashes and bandanas...for gifting all the pirate swords and patches - and just for being here to enjoy our day!

Also, a huge thanks to our friend Amanda Gray for painting up all the pirates with beards and scars and moustaches. They looked great and it was one less thing for me to to think of! Look at her classic piece of work on pirate Pierce!

Happy Easter!



We enjoyed a nice easter egg hunt in the park with the boys and with Mimi. Reece and Chase did well to help their littlest brother find his fair share of the not-so-hidden eggs (like the ones laying on the lawn!) Piersen came away with a lot of loot - but so did Reece and Chase. They had lots of fun.



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Pierce, especially, didn't quite understand why we would tell him he had had enough candy - he went wild over the marshmellow chickies - check out expressionas he reaches itnot eh basket for more. When he heard me say "okay, that is more for now" - he responded by moving quicker and stuffing his mouth faster :)

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Sunday, April 26, 2009


During spring break we decided to do something really spring-ey like and take the boys fishing. We went with our neighbors/good friends and their kids, Hector, Claudi, Mariana and Hector. We had a lot of fun - did not get barely a bite or one fish all day (even though it was a stocked pond!!) - but did get lots of great pics (a great compromise for any Mom).

Mimi (Benjy's Mom) was with us for a week during Easter. She brought us - I mean...the boys - ha,ha - great candy and we loved having her around. She is the one to have with you if you ever need encouragement about how special your kids are.....she feels that her own kids can do NO wrong...and she is following the same pattern wth her grandkids :) She was a huge help in preparing for Reece's party...more on that later.

Check out these pics of our great fishing expedition :)




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