Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moving Day

So we are out of the apartment and actually out of the country by now. The moving truck came on Wednesday and thanks to so many dedicated and very helpful friends, we got all the stuff loaded up and on its way. It is amazing to watch people in action - using their know-how and their experience to assemble our belongings like a game of tetris. Although this huge semi truck came, we only had to pay for the amount of space we used, and these guys help us pack so well that we used a little less than we thought we would. We could not have done it without them all their help. Thanks to every one of you who each played a part in this day. It is kind of a mixed blessing to see friends and good people actually help us with a need that involves and leads to our separation. True friends. Thank-you - we could not have done it without you!

A Very Special Friendship

Since the beginning of their little lives, my boys have been the best of friends with Kate & Caleb Henderson. They have been closer than cousins - sharing so many life experiences together. They have loved, and fought, like siblings. It will be hard to adjust to life without them side by side. But I am sure that they have already formed the kind of friendship that will last a lifetime!

Thanks kids for giving us something to always smile about!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Boxes Can't Contain...

I am tired of the word "packing" and also tired of the word "good-bye".


As you can see, we are slowly making progress.  

We better be.

Our days are less than few.

We had a most amazing celebration yesterday with so many friends. We felt honored and loved. We witnessed God's work. We cried many tears. We ate amazing food. We took a lot of pictures. Gave and recieved a lot of hugs. And. We had a whole lot of fun. Mariachis. Dancing. Laughter. It was incredible and will never be forgotten. Our despedida (good-bye party) will receive its very own post soon.

I am emotional and busy with lots to do. But I also am happy to be reminded that the most important treasures in my life are not needing to be packed in a box, taped and labeled. My great husband and wonderful boys are going with me. And so is a heart full of memories and a great number of real friendships. Those things can't be boxed (except for a few moments of fun!), and that is something to smile about.



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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys (....sigh...)

Although I think it is nearly impossible for the female gender to ever truly understand this...

I have come to accept it. To "them" there is fun in it. And as you will notice there are two grown men in this picture (Benjy & James) - having as much fun as the boys. Has it not been said that they never really grow up? Apparently this Lucha Libre thing is a male bonding experience.

What I can't accept, is how at the young age of 3, Pierce is already trying to pass on his "male-ness" to his sweet and innocent baby brother.

And oddly enough...Hudson didn't mind it one bit.

It's gotta be the testosterone!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Cup

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So Mexico is going crazy now that the World Cup has begun. They are crazy for their soccer! This morning, Reece & Chase were so so so excited to go to school and watch the game on the big screen that they were gonna set up for all the kids. The government encouraged the schools to let the kids watch the game at school - talk about loyalty - I loved it! However, as Mexico City has proven over and over again, it can't be depended on to have electricity when most needed. The power went out in the middle of the night in our area of the City. No one could believe it!!! The game started at 9 and we just hoped and hoped it would return on time. It didn't. We had planned to watch the game with friends so as we were leaving the apartment to head to their house, we drove by the school. They were lining the kids up to transport them to another nearby school that had electricity. They asked us to help with kids so we piled a couple of loads of 15 or so kids and drove them down the street. It was so fun! All the kids were excited and many wearing soccer jerseys. Go Mexico Go!!!

Here is a snapshot of my 3 Mexican born and/or raised! Pierce was the proudest of his shirt! We were thankful that Mexico came away with a tie against South Africa... Even though a win would have been better...we cheered hard!



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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Carrot sticks make a great snack in my opinion. Tasty and healthy...

And obviously very good for teething babies. Check out Hudson as he gnaws on this big carrot.

Littlest brother sets the example for the afternoon on how to have fun while chompin' on a carrot... I tried to capture his perfect and absolutely cute cute little white tooth on the video - didn't get it very easily, but did capture his sweet little giggle...and his latest trick of clicking his tongue! (the clicking is right at the very start)




Before you know it, the big brothers have caught on to how fun eating carrots can be!!! 

I caught Reece outside using the carrots as some sort of strange walrus tusks or wolf fangs or something of the sort. 

And what Reece leads in is most often followed by the next two as well :) They were chasing all the neighbor kids around with these scarey growling sounds and causing quite the ruckus!


Have you had a healthy and fun snack today?!?!? :)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Sweet Gesture

We had a lot going on this weekend - all very good stuff - but by Sunday night it was time for everyone to get cleaned up and get into their little beds :)

The three big boys hopped in the shower together (a great thing about having all boys!)...Reece got done and out first and before long he came back into the bathroom carrying his towel...

"Mom, I'll share my towel with Pierce so you don't have as much laundry to do"  :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Sticks & Stones...


The old saying goes, "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"....  

Well in the case of Pierce it is pretty true.  His words aren't very hurtful at all actually.

This silly three year old is beginning to learn that words have power and when he tries to "get you" or cause a reaction he is figuring out how to throw an insult - kind of! 

It is hilarious!  Not sure where my kids come up with half of their crazy ways...

Here are just a couple of his most funniest sayings as of late... (for some reason or another they usually involve food).

* "youwa (you're a) mustard egg"

* "youwa cheese with lettuce on it"

or if he is really slinging mud...

* "I'ma gonna give you pink" ~ ha! apparently in a house full of boys that one has some sting to it :)

This kid makes all of us laugh.  Often.  We need that!

And I can only hope that he stays at this level of mean-ness all of his sweet life :)
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Is That A Challenge???

The other day I was in one of those parenting situations in which my instruction was not being heeded very well.  After repeating myself several times I simply stated,

"Chase, if you are not going to listen to me, I may need to help you obey with a spanking"

This kid cracks me up all the time - this time he very cooly responded.  The conversation went like this:

Chase: "That's ok because I know the secret against spankings."

Me: "oh you do do ya - and what is that?"

Chase: "it's easy...  if you don't want a spanking to hurt you just close your eyes"

Me: (trying not to smile - but he isn't really looking at me anyway - because, remember, he is too busy engaged in his own activity to be obeying my instruction in the first place) "and who told you this secret"

Chase: "nobody. I just tried it once and it works.  You just close your eyes really tight"

Me: "well, maybe we will hafta test out your theory" :)

Note: the conversation distracted him from is disobedience, he soon did what he was asked and no spanking was put into effect to test the theory....this time!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Mountain Top Experience!!!

This little family 
this big mountain 
this past weekend!!


Ok, ok - so it was no Izta like Benjy recently climbed, but for all 6 of us to make it to the top it felt like a pretty cool accomplishment....especially for certain little ones who walked each step of the way with their own resolve and determination to make it all the way (more on that to come!)

So...we spent Saturday with some very special friends as we set out to a little town just outside of Mexico City called Tepotzlan. There is a pyramid built on the top of a mountain so we decided to climb it and see it together. It was a super experience for all of us and we shared some special, life lesson applications together throughout the day and the climb!

First things first - strapping Hudson in his comfy backpack.  

He did not set one sweet smelling foot on the trail, but he didn't have any complaints about it :) Hudson was completely happy to let someone else do all the work!

But Piersen, on the other hand, was all about doing the work - all on his own - step by step by step.  He climbed to the the top of the mountain by himself - slow and steady - even while the others raced on ahead of him, leaving him literally in the dust.  He walked at his own pace,slow as it seemed, while his Daddy patiently cheered him on, supporting him as he strived to accomplish his goal of simply getting to the top like everyone else.  And he did it!  We couldn't believe it when Pierce and Benjy arrived.  What an inspiration we received from his sheer will and determination.  What a boy!!!
These two big boys, along with all of the kids, lead the group to the top.  In fact, they were so full of life and energy (what's new here?!?!?) that we were all left scrambling to keep up with them!

Yes, that's right....James was kind enough to relieve me and my back by carrying Hudson for me - thank. good. ness.

We were blessed to see some beautiful scenery!

The view of Tepotzlan from the top!  Yep - we made it!!! 

At the top of the mountain is the pyramid.  It was very high and rather freakey to watch your young children crawl all over it...I was just a little nervous!
Me and my big boys!
Somewhere on this Where's Waldo picture below...
if you look carefully, you will see Benjy and 
Pierce resting from their amazing climb!
Here we are!!! 
So proud of our Pierce!  A picture of him and his Daddy to always remember this great accomplishment in his 3 year old life!

All of us at the top of the pyramid.

The kids celebrating their victory!!  
They wanted their own mountain to climb...and they did it!!

And before we knew it it was time for the journey back down!  What a good Daddy - carrying his two little ones!

It was such a great day for all of us.  The many similarities of this day - the climb - the effort - the encouraging one another to keep going - the exhaustion - some slipping - some turning back - the hard work - the excitement - the beautiful view at the end of it all - the teamwork - keeping your eye on the goal - and on - and on - and on..... this kind of experience relates to life.  The journey isn't always easy....but it is so so worth it!!