Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Carrot sticks make a great snack in my opinion. Tasty and healthy...

And obviously very good for teething babies. Check out Hudson as he gnaws on this big carrot.

Littlest brother sets the example for the afternoon on how to have fun while chompin' on a carrot... I tried to capture his perfect and absolutely cute cute little white tooth on the video - didn't get it very easily, but did capture his sweet little giggle...and his latest trick of clicking his tongue! (the clicking is right at the very start)




Before you know it, the big brothers have caught on to how fun eating carrots can be!!! 

I caught Reece outside using the carrots as some sort of strange walrus tusks or wolf fangs or something of the sort. 

And what Reece leads in is most often followed by the next two as well :) They were chasing all the neighbor kids around with these scarey growling sounds and causing quite the ruckus!


Have you had a healthy and fun snack today?!?!? :)

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Devin said...


All I'm saying is, we would have some beautiful grandchildren. I mean, seriously.

He is like the cutest thing I possibly have ever seen (with the only goes-without-saying exception being my own boys, of course.) Holy CUTIE!

I'm totally giving Lola a carrot tomorrow...then she'd have something better to drool on than her swing bar! HA!

Love you friend. That is one adorable set of boys you have there....