Sunday, March 26, 2006

Reece's New Look

Here is the picture of Reece's haircut that I promised.

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With just a few weeks until Reece turns 3, we have begun to talk about party themes. Seems that Reece's theme of choice this year is ZOO animals. We always have fun doing our kids' birthday parties and now Reece is getting of age to offer input so that is neat. After our dinner discussion last night he has been talking, with excitement, about his party. This morning he drew this lion on his etch-a-sketch - I had to post it because I was pretty impressed with his early artistic skill....not bad, eh?!


And speaking of lions...tonight at bedtime Reece chose "Daniel in the Lions Den" from his Bible. As we read the story he interrupted me several times to ask why the king didn't want Daniel to pray, and lots of other "why" questions. As I tucked him in I said we should say our prayers and pray for his cousin Camrynne who isn't feeling well. He looked at me and said..."and the King will put us in the den?" He's thinking! I reassured him that wouldn't happen and we love God, just like Daniel did so we can pray and we will be safe. It seemed to me that his prayer was said a little quicker tonight, just in case! :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

They're Gone...All Gone!

You know those moments when you know it is time for something to happen and so you prepare yourself for it, emotionally. Well, don't get me wrong - I am not referring to anything tooooooo life changing - just the big boy haircut of Reece. Yup. He has been looking like a mad scientist (or scarey hair as Auntie Betsy calls it!)these days and so we decided to go get it cut. I knew we needed to actually go beyond the teeny little trims we had done before, where no one - but us - actually noticed it was a cut. But...I honestly expected we could come away with a few little curls still remaining. And - apparently I was wrong. They are gone. And only time will tell if they will grow back (I don't think so). He looks very very handsome - but I will be honest, I had to fight back a few little tears. He looks like a true boy, life will be easier around here with no fight to comb through the curls - but still. As I write this I am wondering why haircuts are a big deal too me...perhaps because it reminds me that my kids are growing up. A good thing...but I am a sentimental one at heart! Anyway - it has been cute because last night I kept asking Reece "oh no - where are your curls?!?" and he would giggle and say, "they're gone - on the floor" and I would pretend to cry. He loved it.

But just now as he woke up and cuddled with me on the couch, this conversation unfolded (much more significant than any lost curls!).

Me: Reece, I really like your haircut. You look handsome. We use "cute" to describe babies and little boys - like Chase....and '"handsome" to describe big boys and Daddies. What would you like to be....cute or handsome?

Reece: I want to be a Christian.

Kids have a way of reminding you what really matters! So, that is it for now. I will post a picture soon - I need to take some first.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Vote is In

Since Chase isn't talking much yet - we have found alternative ways to communicate! He is responding to the this statement: raise your hand if you love your Mommy! I love it!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Never Too Old For A Little Competitive Fun

On Saturday a group of us went to Cuernavaca to visit some missionary friends (Doug and Sandy Holcomb). They rented one of those large, inflatable toys for the kids to jump around in while we fellowshipped. Well, the kids had a lot of fun - but so did the adults. Almost all of the "big kids" took a turn at the inflatable toy too. The adult challenge was to enter from the side by jumping over the wall! Benjy and I raced one another, and although looks might be deceiving, I really think my arm entered before his - HA!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bowling Fun!

 Chase loved watching the balls return...and sticking his finger in the holes.
 The boy is truly Mexican because all he cared about was trying to "kick" the bowling ball!
 This ball is heavy!
 Eventually that ball will get to the pins - what's the hurry?! Posted by Picasa
 A timeless game!

Always Active!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Handsome Chase

It was due time for Chase to get his first haircut. He was not at all happy about it, but he sure looks handsome - much more like a little boy all grown up! He enjoyed his ice cream treat after the big event. She cut off a lot of hair - I was suprised!


 During...with lots of angry tears!


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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Boys Are So Sweet

It is late and I am sleepy, and feeling a bit sentimental, so I am sure that combination will make for an interesting post....but I want to record these moments for me. And, it is my blog so I can post sappy stuff if I want to....

It is often said how sweet little boys are and I have so much evidence of it in my home. Reece is a bright kid and he must know how much it fills my heart when he tells me he loves me because he is in this stage of saying it frequently and confidently - and even in increasing measures. It is not uncommon for him to declare his love for me 5, sometimes 10 times a day - and completely spontaneously. It usually sounds something like this: "Mommy I love you so much" or "Mommy, I love you up to the sun, or the moon, or the stars, rainbow, etc.." and recently, "Mommy - Daddy can't love you because I love you." I know, I know - lots of kids tell their mommy's they love them - but do they pause from an intense game with toys on the floor to make sure I know it? Do they say it suddenly as we are driving along in the car? Do they yell it from the other room as I am busy in the kitchen? I really love this stage of my life and just writing these thoughts down has filled me with joy. Reece likes to hear the story of his arrival into this world - so I tell him about the early morning that he began to announce his arrival - and he listens so carefully, I think sensing just how much he was truly wanted. Not all kids have that privelidge in life and I am determined to make sure mine know how much we love them.

And little Chase. I will never forget the moment, just a few days ago, as I was resting on the couch and he came walking up to me and planted a big, wet kiss on my lips and then laughed with joy at his accomplishment. He suprised me and it then became a game. He is a lot of fun these days too. He has grown to love "the chase" and will get so excited that he doesn't know if he should "run" towards you or away from you when you get into that "I am gonna get you" stance. He is getting faster on his feet (but is like lightning when he crawls!). He had his first awaremess of a bodily function noise from down there (that I have witnessed anyway) and like all those of the male gender....he laughed! It is amazing! He isn't talking much yet, but he has his ways of expressing what he needs to say - usually trying to act innocent about the things he is getting into that he shouldn't be. What a joy he is - sometimes a bit of a challenging joy - HA! - but a huge joy nevertheless.

I have several girlfriends who are expecting babies in the next few weeks or months. We want more children, and would love God to bless us with a little girl someday - but as I think about my boys tonight, I feel so humbly blessed with them - and know that another one of these messy little creatures would be a great thing too!