Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Obvious Difference

I think that sometimes, as parents, we are around our own kids so much that we don't notice how much they have grown or how their "looks" have changed because it happens so gradually. Others are often the ones who comment on the differences.

Just last week - Thursday to be exact - Chase woke up pronouncing words (specifically his "s" with a consonant) correctly. He tip toed into my room early in the morning and said, "let's go downSTairs for breakfast". For some reason it was very evident to me that he prounounced it correctly (since for months he has been saying "downTairs") I sat up and asked him to say it again. He repeated it and so I made a BIG deal about how he had said it right. He laughed and, I could tell, felt proud of himself. So I began to question and prompt him to say other "s-consonant combination" words. He correctly said SPoon, STop it, STay there. It just came together for him - he got it!!! It was fun. We laughed and shared the milestone with the rest of the family. I felt it a little odd, and yet, neat, that I noticed his change overnight.

Upon reflection, I wonder if God sees that kind of change in us. Sure, I believe that He sees our spiritual growth as a process. He is incredibley patient with us and watches our transformation that must, at times, seem to take a long time! But I would like to think that He is so attentive to me that He smiles and laughs and takes joy in the morning that we wake up finally having conquered a struggle, a sin or a doubt. When we finally accept what He has been trying to teach us all along.

That picture motivates me to tune in to where I am at. Am I growing? Am I farther along than I was a few years ago? Sometimes I am not sure, but it makes me want to grow and be transformed into a more Christ-like image. For all of the patience He has extended my way....I would like to gift Him with an obvious change - even if it is only seen gradually. After all, transformation is the point isn't it! I pray that the fruit of Him at work in my life produces an obvious transformation.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Princes and Princesses

We do not have much talk or any princess parafanelia in a home full of boys. But listen to this sweet compliment that was paid to me the other day....

Chase: (running towards me to share a warm hug)"Mommy, you're my princess"

Me: "Awwwww, Chaser, that is sooooo sweet. Thank you. And you are my little prince."

A few hours later....we are all in the van and I am recounting this special moment to Benjy.

Reece: (obviously listening from the backseat)"eeeewwww, princes and princesses kiss....that's gross!"

Yep, he is 5!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Weekend

I have had such a good weekend. My sweet husband took care of the boys Friday afternoon through Saturday morning so that I could join a few girlfriends for a scrapbooking get away. I had so much fun! I enjoyed the company and the chance to spread out all my supplies and pictures on a big table - with no interuptions from little ones...and I got some work accomplished! Through the years, as I continue to get to know myself, I have come to understand the importance of creativity in my life. I just feel good when I am using creative energy - in whatever form that may be....but I love to create!

And today, Sunday, has been a special one. We enjoyed our fellowship with Christ and with other disciples this morning. The warm morning brought thunder, lighting and a fresh rain on and off all afternoon. It was a cozy day with good friends and my wonderful little family. I love my life today - and since all I am to live for is today, that is a good thing.

Good night from here.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still A Gummy Grin!


Yes, this is still the beautiful but toothless grin of little Pierce - now 13 months old! I am not sure what is goin' on here but his pediatrician isn't concerned, he eats like a monster (just gums it and goes for more)....and he is just pretty darn cute!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Birthday Boy!

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Reece after eating cake and smashing water balloons!

So my sweet little boy is now 5 years old. We celebrated Reece with a big birthday bash - just as he wanted it. He is a friendly little guy and wanted to invite "everyone" and since this is really the first year that his little world has expanded beyond church friends we allowed him to invite school friends and neighbor friends too. We ended up with some 25 kids - it was a little crazy and very much designed for.....boys. We partied with a creepy crawly critter theme - lots of bugs, worms, snakes, frogs - the kind of things most little boys enjoy! Bugs in our food, worms in our jell-o (jell-o? yes - it is an absolute must for any Mexican birthday party), and cake and cupcakes that wanted to slither or crawl away!

"Mordida, mordida"
it is the custom for the birthday boy or girl to take a small bite of their cake...usually resulting in someone "helping out" the process - Reecer's daddy helped him take a nice big bite!

We did by-pass the traditional pinata - and had a water balloon fight instead! Judging by the number of times I was asked when we were going to throw the water balloons - I think they were a big hit! It was a nice change from the pinata too. Daddy filled up over 200 water balloons and they were gone within minutes - lots of fun!

It was a special day to celebrate one unique and awesome kid. Reece has seemed like a big boy for a long time but it is hard to believe he is already 5! I loved watching him with his friends. It is obvious to us that he has made many - he seems loved and appreciated by anyone who is around him. We sense in him a naturalness to lead and influence people. He makes us proud in so many ways. Happy 5th year Reecer - we are so proud of you and love you so much! Thank you for being such a wonderful son!

Reecer on his new birthday bike!

Brednich Family Snapshots

I am at a time in my life where I really miss being close to our families. We miss them a lot and value the moments we do get to spend together. here are a few special pictures of our special Brednich family!


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It was a blessing to us to be able to attend the AIM reunion. It was a reminder to us of our heritage and the way God has filled our lives with good, good people and rich experiences. The singing encouraged me deeply (although I was disappointed that we didn't have time to sing longer!) Thanks AIM for being such a special part of our lives!

The Big Catch

Another highlight of our trip was getting to spend some good time with our close friends Scott, Melissa, Cameron & Casey Smith. We always enjoy the comfortable and relaxing time that we have when we reconnect with them. They are such good people and friends that carry history with us - those kinds of friends are always important.

It was a big day for my boys when they got to go fishing with their Dad on Scott's parents' lake. Both of them caught their first fish!!! Big milestone in a kid's life. I was quick to snap some pics of them and loved seeing their excitement as they watched the bobber on the lake. Reece was a little impatient and always seemed to think his bobber was being pulled down in the water, so...he would reel it in to see... nothing! But he did catch a couple - as did Chaser.






We celebrated Easter in Fort Worth with Betsy, Jared, Kate & Mimi. It was really nice to be with family - our first Easter with family in a long, long time. We managed to die some eggs and have an egg hunt in the backyard. The kids had lots of fun!




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Easter Picture of My Handsome Boys!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meetin' Kate


We finally got to meet sweet baby Kate - our first time to see her! She is already 2 months old and just as sweet as can be. I realized that my three boys probably got to hold her more than I did - not fair!!! Kate is the first girl Brednich cousin so I wondered how my boys would be around her....but as these pics show, they were soft and gentle - just what she needed!



Sea World!!

We had a whole lot of fun at Sea World San Antonio! The boys (and their parents!) were amazed at all the cool things to do and see. Even Uncle Burke and Mimi joined in the fun!!! We got to feed and pet the dolphins, see sharks, get splashed by Shamu, ride roller coasters, watch shows, and a lot more! The pictures say it best so here goes...

Here the boys are feeding dolphins. The funny story of this event was that Daddy was so into feeding them that no one else in the family got to experience it the first time around!

Daddy and his big boys.

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Uncle Burke and Chase after braving the cold waters of Shamu. The crowd was really large so we got separated and Uncle Burke and Chase (the very kid who was NOT going to enjoy getting splashed) found a seat in the....SPLASH ZONE! As soon as it happened we saw them stand up and make their way out of the seats - Chase in tears and rather wet with salt, cold whale water! And what did this naturally do?? Peak the curiosity and desire for big brother to return and get splashed :)

The best buddies!
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Roller Coasters...

Chaser was a brave boy and went on his first little Shamu roller coaster. He was holding on pretty tight but did smile by the end!


And thanks to Reece's tallness - he passed the height restrictions and was able to go on the Journey to Atlantis. He was really brave and although I tried to help him see the reality - it is really high! - he was persistent and went on it twice. Once with his Daddy and once with me. I think the whole idea of getting splashed made the difference for him. He laughed so hard and was so proud of himself!

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Mommy and Pierce having fun!

We were so glad Mimi shared the day with us!

The older boys had fun at the water splash park...

...even though the water was soooooo cold.


...while little Pierce caught a nap!

We had a super fun time together at Sea World...and will be back to visit again someday!