Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Breakthrough! & Classic Chase

Little Piersen finally has two bottom teeth breaking through - his first teeth! I think it was early May that I first spotted them under the skin...and now they have FINALLY broken through. He has been pretty miserable the past few days so we are all thankful to see them. Now I am just left wondering how long it will take them to grow!

I have to write this moment down too.....Chase is so cute and can say and do the funniest things. Today he stepped on something of mine (I don't actually remember what it was), but he came towards me in the kitchen with a very serious and apologetic look on his face. "Mommy, I am sorry I stepped on this. But it is just that my shoes don't have eyes on them!" Too funny (and actually quite abstract thinking for a 3 year old!) His other recent classic line is that when he is doing something he shouldn't be doing (such as playing with water in the bathroom sink) and I say, "Chaser, where are you?"....his response: "I don't know" :) Dead give away that he is into trouble!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Celebrating God's Work

This past Sunday we celebrated some of the great things God has been up to over the past 5 years! We honored James and Erin Henderson (Kate & Caleb) as they head back to Texas for an extended furlough time. It was really encouraging to see the lives that have been influenced and touched over the years. The pictures below represent a visual picture of growth and praise to God - the first picture is our original mission team on our first official Sunday together....meeting in the local forest. The next picture is the group that met on Sunday - brothers, sisters and friends made up of the Tierra Firme congregation and house churches that meet in the Tlalpan area. We acknowlege that God has much much much more happening around us than what these pictures demonstrate, yet we give Him praise and glory for each family unit, each child, each individual that we were together with on Sunday.


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clean Up, Clean Up......

"What?!?! I am just doing my part!"

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Tribute to Motherhood

I feel very, very blessed and honored to be able to experience this unique and amazing journey of motherhood. Although I always knew I wanted children, I had no idea of the depth of love, grace and responsibility that I would feel in this role. It is hard, it is constant, it is beautiful. It requires all of you and yet it so quickly and naturally steals your whole heart from that first moment I realized I had a new life within me. It is humbling, and requires selflessness, and patience, and sacrifice. It requires you to apologize, regroup and try again. It is up and down, good days and bad ones - every moment is most certainly not precious and glorious. It forces you to face yourself, to face failure, and uncertainty, and worry, and frustrations. And it most definitely calls out loudly for you to depend on the Father for wisdom and energy and guidance. It is so worth it!! I love my children in a way that I can't explain with words. I have moments when I catch a quick glimpse of them - a look they give or a certain laugh or expression and I am absolutely amazed that they came from us. That Benjy and I created them and they resemble aspects of our looks and personalities (not always a good thing!) I love the gift God gave us by allowing us to be a part of creating another life. How amazing. I have never felt more beautiful, in every way, than I felt after each of my children where born - even after the sweat and pain of labor. Another life created by God. I have been changed and shaped and made over into a better woman because of my children. I love God for giving me this precious gift of motherhood - and for my precious children that call me "Mommy". Happy Mother's Day to me!!! I put these pictures together to remind me of how precious life is with my little ones. The song is special to Benjy and I and the pictures flood my heart and fill my soul with a deep, yet simple goodness.

* special thanks to my sister-in-law, Betsy, who encouraged me to make this video and told me about this program. Thanks Bets!

My Mother's Day Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend with my boys. I received cards, and kisses, gifts and hugs - but most importantly - just good quality time together! I sort of took the weekend off from doing anything dutiful....and soaked up time with the family!! I will enjoy the gift certificate for a massage sometime soon!!!! Thank you boys (and Daddy, of course!)

At Reece's school they celebrated us Mom's by hosting a special "spa" morning for us. The kids acted as the specialists and us Mom's got the special treatments of pedicures, manicures, facials, massages and even a snack...all directly from the hands of our little ones. It was a lot of fun and we laughed a lot!

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you special ladies out there that I love and respect so much. Thank you for your examples, your companionship, your influence and advice as we journey together in this mission of raising our little ones.

Weekend Leaders' Retreat


We enjoyed a very encouraging time up in the mountains of Mexico. Several of the Mexican leaders' from Mexico City, Apoxco, and Guadalajara met to encourage, and sharpen one another. Benjy and I felt very blessed and amazed to see God's hand at work - to recognize how He is preparing and transforming lives. For much of the time, the missionaries who were present sat back and watched the Mexican's edify one another.

Our kids especially loved the campfires, the streams, the mountains.



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Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Kid Eatin' Corn on the Cob!!!

May Missions Update

If you are not in our email address book, here is our Missions Update.....

Hi from Mexico City!

We are excited to share lots of news and prayer requests with you. Thank you for taking the time to stay connected with us through these updates - it is important to us that you know how much we appreciate your love, support, and especially your prayers. Thank you for the part you play in our partnership together. Your involvement in our lives is directly affecting His kingdom in Mexico!

Fruit in Apoxco!
We were thankful to hear of growth and commitment in the lives of two young people in the Apoxco church. Omar and his sister Nataly were baptized 3 weeks ago and will continue on in their journey with Christ. Please pray for them and for the group that meets together in Ruben and Viki's home. Please see the attached picture and notice the joy on their faces!

Changes in Our Team!
The month of May will bring some big changes to our lives and work here. Our dear friends and co-workers, James, Erin, Kate & Caleb Henderson (see picture) will be returning to Texas for an 8 month - 1 year furlough time. They will return in 2009 and until then they will rest, renew, and reconnect with their families and partnering congregations. Their departure will create a change in our lives. We highly value their friendship, support, and encouragement as we work together. Their kids are our kids' best friends. We will miss them and ask that you pray for them as they transition in these upcoming weeks. We also ask that you pray for us - that we will use this time to depend on the Lord and trust Him to grow and use us in different roles and with new opportunities.

As we say good-bye to the Hendersons we prepare for the arrival of our new Adventures in Missions (AIM) apprentices. Cairen Wealend and Ashley Marler will arrive on May 23 to begin an 18 month commitment to work with us. Pray for them as they prepare to study, learn and grow alongside us. We are excited for their arrival!

Leaders Retreat!
This upcoming weekend we will be joining a group to share in a retreat time with several leaders from various house churches from Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Apoxco. We will be 'camping' together and sharing, fellowshipping, and worshipping together. Although there will be several missionary families there, we are especially looking forward to the opportunity for several of the Mexican leaders to build relationships and encourage one another. Please pray for God to guide this weekend!

Upcoming Events & Requests!
Please remember to pray for these upcoming events and specific requests:
*leaders retreat May 2-5
*the Hendersons departure May 19
*the AIM students arrival May 23
*'think tank' retreat with other missionaries June 2-6
*summer group from Westport Road Church of Christ (they will operate an eye clinic and various other service works) June 12-19
*summer group from North Atlanta Church of Christ (they will serve in a number of different projects ) July
*missionaries, Mexican leaders, church plantings and ministries across Mexico
*transformation in the lives of disciples
*more people who are seeking Christ
*safety and health for our family

Again, thank you. Please keep in touch with us - we would to hear from you!

In Christ,

Benjy, Carolyn, Reece, Chase & Pierce Brednich

Celebrating Dia del Nino

April always ends with a bang here in Mexico....with Kid's Day or Dia del Nino! My kids are definitely worth celebrating so we took them to a little fair where they each got to choose a ride or two. They had lots of fun!

And what better way for the parents to get in on the celebration....a special trip to "Coldstone Creamery"!! We just found out there is one in Mexico City (I LOVE this place) so we were looking for an excuse to go! All of us loved it. Reece and Chase couldn't believe they got to add marshmellows to their ice cream. And Piersen, well he got quite upset if I took a pause to eat some of my own!