Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Sweetness of a Compliment

Doesn't a sweet compliment just make your day?!? This one made my week...maybe longer.

Chase: Mom, why can't we see God?

Me: Well, we can...He just doesn't look like a person.

Reece: Ya, remember Chase....He is everywhere.

Me: We can see God in everything that is good and beautiful. Like if you see a pretty flower, you see God...or a rainbow...or all the things He has created....or we can even see Him when we see good things happening in people - like if someone shares or says kind things or helps another person...we are seeing God because those things are beautiful. Can you think of anything else that is beautiful?

Reece: You are beautiful Mom.

awwwwwwww.....sniff, sniff

Friday, January 23, 2009

Update About My Updates

Just so you know, I am going back through Christmas and Holiday times...and although I need to get some sleep, I will continue finishing posting pics and good times soon! Stay tuned...and in the meantime, scroll down, that oughta satisfy you for awhile :) Goodnight....

Christmas Eve

My family always celebrates on Christmas Eve and it was no different this year. The entire family was together and we ate very well, exchanged gifts and remembered the true gift of Jesus.




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Christmas Highlights, Part III: Quality Family Time

One of the positive sides to living so far from family is that when we are blessed with the opportunity to be together, we cherish it! It was so great for my heart to be around my immediate family again and to watch my boys connect with their cousins, aunts and uncles, and Grandma. Just a few snapshots to capture special times...









Christmas Highlights, Part II: A Winter Wonderland...Alone! In Banff!

In celebration of 10 years of marriage, we left our three boys with my Mom (thanks a million Mom!) and we returned to our honeymoon spot in Banff, Alberta - the beautiful Canadian Rockies. It was an amazing weekend and we enjoyed the opportunity to have a little get away and focus on us and our relationship. You only celebrate 10 years together once, so we splurged a little and stayed at the Banff Springs Hotel one night (its the fairy tale like looking hotel in the pics below). It was incredible. We had so much fun! We ate well. We also tip toed outside into the -30 C weather and quickly into the +40 C swimming pool for a relaxing swim late at night. We walked through the quaint little town and gazed at the beauty of the mountains all around us. And...stopped in at an old-fshioned candy shop (just to bring the boys something back - ha,ha)




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Highlights of Christmas, Part I: A Winter Wonderland

Although it was very very cold during our time in Canada with my family (like -35 C cold), our hearts were very warmed to be back in snow and to have a truly white Christmas. It was beautiful and we were thankful for a few days when we braved the elements and went out to play. For this little family that calls Mexico City home, this was a welcome change to all of our senses! The pics below are my favorites that brought back many childhood memories and created new special winter weather times together as a family and with cousins!













Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Startin' Out Early

I got the biggest smile today out of my littlest boy. I needed to carry out the trash and thought we might spend some time together going on a walk to the dumpster. I wasn't sure he could do it but decided to give him a try at this basic job - I handed him the smaller bag and you have never seen a happier boy - a task to do and personal determination to do it...alone. He was practically prancing with pride, dragging that small bag with a pizza box inside all the way through our neighborhood to the dumspter. It was the cutest thing! Now...I just need that much enthusiasm from his older brothers!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If you need a laugh...

Okay, so rather than easing back into the blogging world with a review of our Christmas vacation...I am choosing to take the more humorous route - this story absolutely cracks me up every time it crosses my mind...and since I know some of you who sneak around and read this blog are good old friends of Benj and have your own funny stories of him involving dogs, I think you deserve to hear this one....

My sweet husband likes animals - but he doesn't absolutely love them or go bonkers over them. And he believes they actually have a place in this world - outside of the house. He is not a big fan of dogs inside the home - partly due to his strong allergies to them. But as you probably know, dogs often seem to gravitate toward the people who don't like them. Over the course of our travels we encountered many a dog. But the encounter that tops them all is our last night in Texas. We stayed with Benjy's brother and his wife in Austin. They have a little poodle like looking dog named Presley....and Presley took an interest to Benjy - who kindly(?) shooed him aside continually. At bedtime everyone was scrambled around to accomodate our family. Our 2 nephews made a fort in the living room so Benjy and I could use their twin beds. Our 2 older boys slept on the couch...and Piersen in our room in his pack'n'play. When we finally retreated to bed, Benjy questioned if we should leave the door open or not. I voted to leave it open in case one of our kids needed something in the night. He agreed. Until 3am when Presley was licking his hand. I woke up to hear Benjy bugged and telling Presley to get lost. Feeling a touch guilty that he had been disturbed by the dog, I carried Presley back to snuggle up with his owners in the living room. All went well until Benjy awoke early to prepare for our early morning departure. Returning from the shower to our dark bedroom he reached down to grab his jeans and socks that he had left by the bedside...only to grab a hold of doggie doo-doo all over his stuff! The dog sought revenge for being denied his sleeping routine and Benjy was disgusted! And no mercy was given to me either as I unknowlingly stepped in it too and had to throw my socks out! Although gross, it is pretty hilarious to hear Benjy retell the story.

That's all for now folks!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Give Up On Me

Trying to settle into routine and to breathe deeply the goodness of a new year and all the things that await us! I will blog again....a real post....with amazing pictures.... Just not today ;) But just know we are well and happy!