Friday, April 27, 2007

Family Photos

When Reece was 6 weeks old we had some family pictures made and we really liked one in particular so we ordered it. When Chase was 6 weeks old we tried to replicate the picture - and Chaser wore the same clothes and lay on the same blanket that had been in the picture with baby Reece. that Piersen is 6 weeks old it was time to take "the" picutre again. I threw out all good parenting skills and, knowing how uncooperative Chase can be with smiling for the camera, I bribed the boys with a special surprise if they would help Mommy out (and then prepared myself to expect the worst). Well, I was wrong - both of them were really good and we got some great pictures!

Below - Reece and Chase are "in position" for the pose! Pretty cute!

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Below: the progression of our growing family! By the looks of things, the only ones who have changed much are the boys!



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I thank You today for 3 beautiful, healthy children and for the family I have been given. I am reminded of the honor and joy it is to participate in raising them, alongside the love of my life, to become men of God. I don't think we ever imagined how rich this experience would be - and we ask for wisdom and guidance in our decisions and the way we teach, discipline, and direct their precious lives. Thank You for my incredible husband - for the good father he is to Reece, Chase and Pierce. I give all 4 of them to You today and ask You to give us a long life together as a family.

Growin' Fast!

These pics are for Gramma and Mimi to see how big this little boy has grown since you left!


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The Oddest Baby Gift

Okay, our friend Whitney sent this little "hillbilly pacifier" to Piersen as a baby gift - I gotta say it is the oddest one we have received for all 3 kids - I had to take a picture! Thanks Whit!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Surprise, Surprise!


My friends threw me and little Pierce a surprise baby shower this morning. I was completely in the dark! I had been told that we were getting together as women to watch a parenting video and then to discuss it together as we all have young kids - and who can't use a little support from other mom's?!? When I walked into the house I first saw a table with cake, balloons, and gifts but I didn't catch on at first - and then it dawned on me. It just felt really nice for all of them to do this for us- we have been blessed with good friends here in Mexico. Today I was reminded of that. Yes, it was nice to receive cute clothes and things for my baby - but much more importantly was the chance to be around many of the good people that surround our family. This thing called parenting is a huge responsibility and we continue to see how important it is to have a strong support system of family and friends. Thank you ladies for your love, friendship and for the time spent showering us this morning!


Little Piersen slept through most of the shower - always taking advantage of a few more arms to cradle him. I love this picture of Chaser holding him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Char

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My big sister Charlotte is celebrating her birthday today! I have always looked up to her - she is an amazing, gifted, strong woman of God. I really consider her a friend and a sister which is a really neat thing. I remember when we were kids, it must have driven her crazy but I wanted to be like her - to the point of holding off on eating my candy bar if she wasn't yet eating hers. We have now grown beyond childhood squabbles and sharing clothes (although I wouldn't mind doing that still!) and I consider her a person of character whom I respect alot. Benjy often teases me and refers to her as "Dr. Char" because I value her parenting advice and example so much. She is a very good Mom and I am thankful to have her as a role model - and my boys are very lucky to have her as an aunty.

I love you Char and I miss you a lot. I am proud to be your sister - thank you for all you mean to me. I hope your day was great and that your year is filled with joy, growth and God's goodness. Happy birthday!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Celebrating 4 Years With Reecer!


Reece turned 4 years old on the 16th - and boy, was he excited about it!! We have been teasing him for weeks that we weren't going to let the 16th come and that he would have to stay our little 3 year old forever. After praying for him one night while tucking him in for bed I asked God to allow Reece to grow to be a good man who loved God with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength. The moment my prayer ended, Reece quickly responded..."Mom, if you want me to grow old and be a man then you have to let me have my birthday!"

He wanted to celebrate with his classmates so I made a cake and we shared it with him and his school friends. When it came right down to it, he was pretty shy about it (quite obvious by his stance in the picture below...everyone is singing to him and he is thinking, "I am not here, I can't hear you or see you!")


We had a small and simple party this year at home - and we were once again blessed with a visit from Aunty Betsy! This has been the third party in a row that she she has been here to share in Reece's birthday - it is pretty special to have family here to celebrate these important occasions!



Our countdown to a sparkly blast off and eating cake was fun with Reece's choice of a rocket ship cake....although the biggest hit with the kids was not cake and ice cream but the jello stars that were gobbled up before I could return from the kitchen with the ice cream!


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Reece had a lot of fun playing with all of his best buddies - the other missionary kids who really have become like cousins to our kids.

We are really amazed at how quickly 4 years has seemed to pass. Reece is such a great little boy who has filled our home with laughter and good times. He is a bright kid who loves to ask questions and marvel at all sorts of things. We love his caring heart and his zest for life. He loves his brothers and his friends and it is neat to see how that plays out...and he loves God - very clear in his desire to hear stories from his Bible and to sing and pray. What a kid! At times he says and does things that make it hard to believe he is only 4 - and at the same time it is hard to believe he is that old already! We are most thankful to God for his life and for the priviledge it is to be his parents - for the role he plays in our lives as our son and a caring and loving big brother to Chase and Piersen. Thank you Reece for who you are.. we love you Reecer!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Guess Who!

The birth of a baby seems to bring on the common question of "so, who does he look like?" I went back to look through pictures of all my boys in the first 6 or so weeks of life. I was pretty suprised at the similarities between all three - no, not identical...but definitely brothers. The challenge for you: see if you can correctly name these baby pics - who is who?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blue Eyed Blue


Reece has affectionately nick-named Piersen "blue eyed blue" for his blue eyes. Hard to believe the sweet little guy has been with us for 4 weeks already. He is doing great and man, we love him!

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Happy Easter!

We all felt good enough to finally get out and do our Easter egg hunt on Monday. The boys had a great time and I enjoyed snapping some pics of them throughout the day. Our home is full of good candy, thanks to Grandma and Mimi for stocking us up with all of our faves! Now the fight begins over the constant pleas for candy throughout the day.

Much more importantly than candy and cute little boys looking for it - I am so grateful that I know Jesus and that He is the foundation of my life. Praise God for His perfect plan that gives me a much needed new chance over and over again.




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Happy Family of 5!

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The Goodness of Mom's and Mom-in-Laws!


Mimi arrived on Saturday to meet her newest grandson! Grandma and Mimi shared a couple of days together and I think they enjoyed touching base again after a few years. They caught up on "Benjy and Carolyn" stories so it was a nice trip down memory lane - sharing tales from our dating years, and receiving their insights about us since our lives crossed back in 1996. And of course, they both are pretty proud of their grandsons. My Mom left on Wednesday and that was sad, as always. We enjoyed a few more days with Mimi but she left us on Saturday, also sad. Okay, and I would be lying if I said all the good was just about the attention they gave to the boys - that in itself helped out tremendously....but so did all the help they offered around the house! Wow! Life has changed when it became the Brednich 5 flying solo! I think it will be good to find our own routines and ways again - but THANK YOU so much Grandma and Mimi for helping us with this transition. We love you and miss you both already!!!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

A Sick Household

Well, we are juggling a household of sickness - taking turns attending to each ones coughs and fevers - getting little rest and trying every trick in the book to convince these little ones (and their Mommy) that medicine is a good thing! Reece, Chase and myself have had coughs - the boys have also had high fevers. Today we had had enough of it and went in for a check up. So we are all set up with antibiotics and what not. Chase actually has bronchitis - poor guy. I have felt bad for a few days but kept feeling like I was "on the mend" and I didn't wanna pass medicine on to Piersen through my milk. The doc assured me that it was fine to take what he prescribed so I am humbling myself and taking it. I made a big ordeal with Reece and Chase when I had to take my first set of medicine this afternoon - they thought it was funny. Piersen is doing ok - he too is a little stuffed up but we are using that oh so fun nose suction thingee (poor baby!) to clean out his gunk. Pray for a quick recovery for all of us!