Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Benjy

Yesterday, the 28th, my good husband celebrated 35 years of life. We had a fun family afternoon together. The boys were quite excited that it was Daddy's birthday and tought it was a fine reason to stay home from school....or at least get out early. Neither happened, but we had fun in the afternoon. We went out for a nice birthday meal where we dressed a little nicer....ate steak. Imagine my horror when I lift my head to see our sweet Chase using the mirror on the wall behind him as his art pallet...the buttered bread as the paint brush. Hmmmm - never a dull moment with this child :)

Benjy chose birthday pie instead of birthday cake, and we had a few friends over to enjoy it with him.

My personal highlight (although it wasn't MY birthday, I still enjoyed thinking about the good man I have in my life) was making him a birthday scroll that morning with the boys. We decided to list 35 things we love about him. Reece started us out by writing his very own ideas and sentences...Chase threw in a few ideas...and I finished it up after Reece ran out of steam. It made me realize that the list could be much longer than 35. We are abundantly blessed to have him as our Daddy and husband. Happy birthday Benj!




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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can You See the Resemblance??

Okay, I thought this was too cute. The other day Reece had a lightbulb moment and affectionately called Pierce...."Mater". I don't think the nick-name is gonna stick but I can see how Reece drew that conclusion. I love the thought processes of 5 year olds!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today, October 15th is the National Day of Remembrance for pregnancy and infant loss. This includes all babies who have died because of miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or any other infant death. I had not known that there was a day set aside to honor these precious little lives. And this year, it affects me in a more personal way as I think about my own losses in 2008.

I do know that many of you joined us in prayer when we shared about our loss in February. Many of you may not know that we also lost another precious baby to miscarriage in July - a baby girl. At the time, it was too painful to talk about openly. Sure, our family knew but we had decided to mourn our loss in that way...I guess that is just where we were...maybe it didn't make sense, but a lot didn't at the time. Today, with some time to heal, I feel like it is something very small but something very significant to give prescence and honor to both of our children who we have never held. They have changed us and made an impact on us as a family and we celebrate them today...and often.

My heart also goes out to the many, many familes who have walked down similar paths and know the pain firsthand. I pray for peace, for comfort, and for healing as they remember their little ones. In our families alone - I think of my Mom and the loss of one of my siblings, my sister and the loss of one of my nieces/nephews, my sister-in-law and the loss of two nieces/nephews. I know that these precious lives are remembered many times along the journey of life.......

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Missing "Fall"

Since we moved to Mexico 5 years ago...we have been back home....but always in the summer or the winter. I have not seen a true autumn display of colors in a long long time. I was in awe. The leaves were absolutely beautiful!!! Along with autumn always comes harvest. It was so fun to be back on the farm for a few days - to take Pierce out to the field and ride a round with his uncle Bruce - he loved it and got to steer the big combine! Special memories of my childhood....and of my Dad. I took a moment to take some heads of grain off of the field and placed them on his grave. He always loved harvest time.....

And I just couldn't resist posting these oh so cute pics of Pierce discovering fall leaves!!!

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Pierce and His Cousins!

One of the cool things about being a Mom is seeing your own kids with their cousins. I love to watch them interact and to catch similar expressions, looks and mannerisms. And for Pierce...well, when you don't have your brothers around, cousins are fun too!! He had some special time with his Canadian cousins and a short visit with new cousin Kate on our layover in the Dallas airport. Check out a few of the pics!

A mid picture posing snack from Kenz!

Playing in the leaves with Camry!
Learning this farmer thing from cousin Kalen.

A quick visit with little (?) cousin Kate at our layover in Dallas.

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Ok ok you guys...don't force this....we like each other already!

The Wedding

The reason for the trip home was to celebrate my little brother's wedding. Todd and Mandy had a beautiful day and it was so neat to be able to share it with them....and all of my family that came together. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day (just a few of the hundreds I took!) All the best to you, Todd and Mandy, for a long and happy life together!

All of my family - except for my husband and 2 oldest :(

Pierce and his Canadian cousins!

My beautiful sis with her beautiful kids!

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Todd and Mandy - the happy couple!