Monday, September 22, 2008

An Update....

Okay, so I have a bad habit of not sitting down to blog unless I have pictures to post along with my topic. Why? Not sure - I just think it makes the post more exciting....even though I really do enjoy writing. I have a memory card full of pics to download off of my camera...I just haven't got around to doing it. But I am making myself post anyway!

We are doing well. We are settled into the new home. It has been fun (not sure that is the word I would use for every aspect of moving but...) and I can almost declare it as being in a state of organization. Almost. If you know me, I will likely never arrive to the point of making a true and honest declaration of organization. It has always been a struggle of mine (okay stop laughing!). But I have been really working at it - and doing little things that do make a difference. We now have a designated place to hang the keys. This has saved time! I have set up the house in such a way as to not have nearly as many places to stack clutter, etc.. We have a play room/guest room where the kids are responsible to keep it picked up. I feel much better about it all. My washing machine and dryer are still the hardest working appliances in our home, rarely getting a rest. But we work together to stay on top of the laundry situation. And Pierce's room is actually on its way to being really cute - rather than an extra storage space like it was in the last house (poor kid). Our master bedroom is bigger so we have a reading chair in it. And overall, the move has been a good transition for us. We are happy in our new place - even our dogs have much more space, even with some grass in this land of cement!

Biggest thing on my mind these days is my upcoming "get away" to Canada!!!! My little brother is getting married (congrats Todd) and although ticket prices are too outrageous for the whole family to go....we used up our accumulated air miles to get me a free ticket! Little Pierce will go with me as he is still under 2. I will be gone just 1 week. It will be fast and furious. Although I am super excited, I am beginning to feel a little sad at the thought of leaving Reece and Chase and their Daddy. I haven't ever left my boys this long. They are in great hands but I know I will miss all three of them a bunch! Benjy questioned my choice of priority this morning as instead of packing and getting ready I was....hiding a scavenger hunt of clues for the boys while I am away so they can have some fun and know I am thinking of them daily. I am seeing evidence of how much I miss people as I have managed to arrange my short schedule with lots of encounters with good friends who I have not seen in years. It has been a long time for some of these precious friends and I am looking forward to re-connecting. I will see my sis-in-law Bets at my layover in Dallas, will spend the night with Heather in Calgary, a possible lunch date with Bonnie, another night at Tara's house,plans with my childhood friend Jen. And on top of all this - seeing lots and lots of family at the wedding. Should be a crazy but wonderful week. Benjy's brother Burke is coming to Mexico City to visit these guys for a few days - helping to run the household :) He should still be in town when I return.

That's it for now! I will post again soon....maybe with pics the next time :) pray for my travels and my boys!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just because...

I just spent some time looking through pictures and thought I would post some of my favorites, just for fun. They are recent - of fun times at a few different parks. Enjoy!













Monday, September 08, 2008

This Just In....

So the sweet little boy will soon have a mouth that looks a little more balanced than this.... (but isn't it just an adorable look?!?!)


His other top front tooth just cut through! Yay for Piersen!!! And as Pierce grows teeth, Reece is anxiously awaiting the loss of his first one. Some of his little friends have already lost one or two so he is anxious to experience it too! For some time now he has been wiggling his bottom teeth, just hoping to find one loose. The other night he exclaimed with great excitement that his tooth moved a little. I am not so sure it is at all loose, but he thinks so. My little guys are really growing up quick. All those annoying comments from older women about how fast time flies are proving to be very true!

Monday, September 01, 2008

To Pay or Not to Pay, That Is The Question!

We feel as though we are entering the stage of parenting where the time has arrived to hand out a little more responsibility to the boys, especially Reece. We have been sharing thoughts and opinions on the whole topic of chores, allowance, what age to start, etc.. We kind of jump back and forth between two ideas: 1) it being a good thing to be taught to be responsible with money, to see that a job well done is worth some kind of reward 2) and yet we don't want to create this attitude in our family that thinks you don't do any "helping out" unless you are paid to do it! We both feel like "family" is a "team" and we all have the responsibility to help each other out. I have done a little reading about it and see support out there towards incorporating an allowance and specific jobs. I think we would like to operate on a combination of ideas - creating regular duties that you do just to do (no "strings" attached), and then some extras that you get paid for if you do the job well without complaining.

Here's a few funny stories to give you some insight into what we are working with.... Apparently, these conversations between Benjy and I have not gone unnoticed by little listening ears. The other day, Reece entered the kitchen and here's what unfolded:

me: hey Reecer, would you help me out and carry this trash outside?

Reece: what are ya gonna pay me? (pause and a smile) because I heard you say you were gonna pay me for doin' jobs.

A few days later (as you can see, we haven't fine-tuned any real "plan" yet). I am in the kitchen and overhear this exchange between Reece and his Dad.

Benjy: Reece, if you clean this mess up, I will pay you 5 pesos (me, from the kitchen, shooting him a "look" - as the job was gonna take him 2 minutes, maybe, and that is like 50 cents!!)

Benjy continues: I will pay you 2 pesos.

Reece: Dad, you said 5 pesos. I will do it for 5.

Ha! We have a little negotiator on our hands so we better lay down the guidelines of this "responsibility" plan real well!

Any experienced parents out there want to give me some advice?!? What do you (or did you) do with your little ones? How much do you pay in this day and age? How do you/did you stagger the work & pay between different aged kids? Seriously, I would love to hear input as we begin to form our plan. Thanks!

And He's Off.......

No questions asked...Piersen is walking. And actually trying to run. And climb. And get up onto bikes. He is loving his new found freedom and I am left chasing after him and realizing there is NO safe zones anymore.

But I love it. I love to watch how excited he gets and how happy he feels to be able to go where he wants to go. It is cute. And he is just so fun.

It is hard to dedicate a specific date to when this whole process began. Since early July (the 7th) he took what are called his "first steps", and we knew he could walk - he just didn't care to do it. Or he would only do it if he was prodded on by us or his brothers. It has now been a few weeks since he has truly taken off...on his own.

Way to go Pierce! Here is a little video of him, taken a few weeks ago. You'll also hear how noisy this little guy is....talks a lot,(just in his own language!) and usually quite loud (maybe has something to do with being the 3rd brother). Oh and it is also worth noting that these days he has 1 top front tooth to go along with his 2 bottom ones! He looks hilariously cute - I'm trying to capture his "farmer boy" look but thus far have been unsuccessful - and am running out of time as he is about to gain a few more to balance out his mouth!