Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We are Home!

Not Mexico...we have been in Canada for a few days - it has been really good to be home! My boys are having a blast playing outside and doing farm stuff...they are worn out by the end of the day! We had a long drive up here but I just have to say how proud I am of my kids. They are really good travellers - really good....and make the trip much easier than it has the potential to be with three young ones. We don't have a portable dvd player and yet we kind of like it that way. The boys color, read, play and enjoy looking for cows and horses, and have seen great scenery along the way. It is amazing how many different things you will see from Mexico to Canada - but all very beautiful. God is truly creative! This trip has introduced the energetic attempts at getting semi truck drivers to honk their big horns. We have passed many a semi on the highways and Reece and Chase light up when they realize that by pumping their arms, the kinder drivers honk - their little eyes light up at this magical cause and effect (yes, their Mom feels a little silly since I doubt the drivers are seeing the boys through the tinted glass - but hey, anything for entertainment when you are trying to pass the miles!) It has been fun! Needless to say, it was nice to arrive and see grandma and aunts, uncles and cousins. We are taking opportunities to rest and renew ourselves. The plan is to depart here next Wednesday and head back south to see Benjy's family. We'll then fly to Louisville to spend several weeks with our partnering congregation and a drive up to DC to see Benjy's Mom. So as we have much more travel ahead of us, we continue to trust God for our safety. Thanks for your prayers.....and hey - let's meet up somewhere!!!!

Oh - I must insert this big milestone! Piersen is amazing. Several days after arriving in the States, he decided to follow the guidelines of a furlough - to rest and renew oneself! He has been sleeping through the night - usually 11pm to 7am! It has been wonderful for me...and for him. He is in the very fun stage of lots and lots of smiles, and tries to have a conversation with you with his many cooes (sp?)Pretty sweet boy!