Thursday, March 29, 2007


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Well, at our house we have been thinking about AIM these past few days, knowing that many of our good friends from that time in our lives were going to be together. We would have loved to have been there to catch up. From what we heard, a good time was had by all!

This little AIM onesie was Piersen's first baby gift. Sarah Altaffer (sp?) brought it as a gift for our baby when she came to visit - it was really sweet of her. Thanks Sarah! We think it looks good on him!
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Sweet Dreams

Piersen has brought a lot of things into our family - including entertainment! I spend a lot of time with the little guy at all hours of the day - and I have loved just watching him. He is a big smiler when he sleeps - sometimes even to the point of laughing. Makes us wonder what he is dreaming about. This video is not the best in quality and it might be a little long - and maybe boring to many - but to me, it is incredible to watch his little newborn expressions. And, as they say...."there is nothing like a sleeping baby!" So...if it has been a long time since your little one was this small...or you just want to enjoy his peaceful sleep - click below!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

1 Week Old


Little Pierce is a week old and doing great! It is still pretty surreal to us that we have not even reached our due date and yet we have enjoyed his presence for a week. Hard to believe that he fit inside me because although he is soooo tiny still, he just seems like he can't have been inside me, as he stretches out for an afternoon nap in the picture above. So far (I say so far because by baby #3 I have learned how many times sleeping patterns change in the first year alone!) he seems to have had his days and nights figured out from the get go. He is making things fairly easy on me - sleeping in good chunks at night and when he wakes up, he just eats and goes right back to sleep. He has several awake times in the day too and we enjoy that (Reece and Chase especially wish he did more than sleep and eat!).

My Mom arrived safely on Sunday evening and we are LOVING having her here. She is one of those Grandma's who connects quickly with the kids and is more than a servant in helping around the house. She is a great story teller too - so I am relieved to have a trade off on Reece's continual request for stories about "Timmy" (the main character in every story shared - due to the boys pleas for a "Timmy story").
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The biggest fight in the house so far is in trying to keep Reece and Chase off of him. Piersen has received more kisses than you can imagine and they LOVE to hold him. Oh what fun!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Such a Little Guy




Sun Bathing


The doctor suggested a few minutes of sun bathing for Piersen to help with jaundice. The boys thought this was pretty fun to do together (especially Chase who is loving being naked these days). I am absolutely blown away by the size difference! Chase especially seems like a GIANT compared to Piersen.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Piersen Benjamin

My heart could not feel fuller - I am so blessed and feel overwhelmed with the goodness of God! I am more than thankful for my husband and my three beautiful sons!

Little Piersen Benjamin entered our world on Monday night - 12 days early! I was resting with the kids on Monday afternoon and when I woke up I felt like things were different. Although I was not having contractions, I guess it was instinct or something because I sensed the need to go and have a check up. Part of that motive was wanting to be prepared for planning for the other boys and to have a frame of reference for where I was at in it all since my last delivery was so quick. It turned out to be a good thing as at 6:00 I got into the doctor and he said he was admitting me since I was dialated to a 2 -3 (and beginning to feel some contractions, although irregular). My labor progressed at a good rate and all was going really well until it was time to push. The little guy answered our request with turning out of his breech position a few weeks ago - but he created a bit of a different mess as he came out face up instead of face down. This made it quite a bit more difficult to push him into this world - but he finally came out and blessed us with his cry at 10:10pm.




Piersen weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. and was 20 inches long. He is healthy and we feel humbly blessed to have another son. I will answer the question everyone has been wanting to ask - and some even have asked - so...."were you disppointed at all that he wasn't a girl?" We had already felt like he was probably a boy and although we would have been happy with a daughter - we also loved the idea of 3 sons. And once you hold that little baby in your arms - there is nothing but overwhelming love - no disappointment at all. Piersen, to us, is not "another boy" - he is a uniquely different child that we get the adventure to raise! Praise God for giving us him. And while we did wonder if Reece would be disappointed - he was very quick to accept and love another little brother. In fact today he said he is so happy - now he has another boy to wrestle with!

We named him Piersen Benjamin. Piersen was actually on our very first "name list" for a boy when we were pregnant with Reece. "Chase" was also on that very first "name list" so it is kind of special to think that all three boys came from our original thoughts and dreams of a baby. We will call him Pierce for short - we like how it goes with Reece and Chase. And...Benjamin is from his very special Daddy. Benjy has been excited about this pregnancy from the beginning - and although his humility was a bit opposed to naming a child after himslf - I told him that "I" was naming him after him! I love it and think it is perfect. And...although it may be a bit too early to tell, I have a sneaking suspicion that Piersen fittingly has his Daddy's dimples!

It was a really neat experience to see Reece and Chase meet their little brother. They are absolutely enamored with him! From the first moment of entering the hospital room they were full of kisses and love for Pierce. The pics below show their initial meeting and discovering their "little" brother.




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The addition of Piersen to our family is an exciting thing. We are really looking forward to watching him grow and change and add to our family dynamic. Three boys is bound to create many active and fun adventures ahead! We are pretty happy!



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We came home from the hospital today (Wednesday) to 2 very excited boys! Reece was eager to show Piersen the "welcome home sign" that the boys made for him a few weeks before his arrival (Reece printed the letters all on his own!)

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So now life begins with 3! Thank you to all of you for your love, support, and encouraging comments as you meet - even only via internet - our sweet baby. We are surrounded by so many who love us! A very special thanks to our AIM girls - Beth and Michelle who really helped us out in a significant way - they watched Reece and Chase while we were in the hospital. We love you girls!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cute But Unacceptable!

So, little Chase has entered the fun stage of showing attitude back at us when he is disciplined, or even when he just hears something he doesn't like. He began to stick his tongue out at me but learned quickly that it doesn't feel so good to get his mouth "flicked" he adapted his response to a scrunched up nose with a dirty look. Nice try. Well, he is also in the stage of repeating most of what he hears and Reece has, on more than one occasion, called him a "mean guy" in some of their brotherly encounters. He now tells people that they are a "mean guy" or a "mean, mean, mean, mean guy" and he calls himself a "mean guy" if the name fits the situation. Tonight I chose to borrow his language to teach him what is NOT appropriate behavior in our home.... that maybe we oughta be a "nice guy" and give kisses instead of dirty looks. We'll see how he catches on! (I do think the faces he makes are kind of cute though....but, not acceptable!) Check this out....(seems he is having a hard time transitioning to a friendly "kiss" - still looks a little "mean"!)


Bathtubs are rare here - sadly, we don't have one in our house. Obviously, Reece long ago outgrew his baby tub so we improvised and "upgraded" him to a rubbermaid tub a while back. Today, that little tub may have met its match (notice the bowing at each side) as Chaser decided to join the fun and crawl in too - not much space for soaking and playing....but they amazingly still found a way to make a BIG splash!
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Friday, March 09, 2007

Just Waiting...

So I am 15 days away from my March 24th due date (no, I cannot believe it!!!!). My Mom arrives next weekend and so we are kind of hoping this baby stays put until her arrival. We want her to be here to be able to meet the little one as soon as possible, and we also want her to be able to keep the boys and have time with them while we are in the hospital. Yes, we do have a backup plan.... Beth and Michelle (our wonderful AIM girls) have their phone ready for the call in the middle of the night so they can come and watch the boys. I joked with them that I almost played a prank on them last night - just to test their readiness - they didn't think it was very funny. Ha! So, I will refrain and not cry wolf.

I'll keep ya posted!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crock Pots

What a great invention! When you have 2 little active boys, and you are very pregnant, and you have little to no desire to stand in the kitchen and make a meal for everyone else who will eat it hot and tasty while you get up and down to refill spilled drinks as your own plate cools....which is okay because you don't have much of an appetite anyway....guess what is a great solution?!? The dependable crock-pot! Yup. So we will eat healthy tonight with all the effort of chopping up a few vegetables and throwing in a chicken long done. And I am going to read a book while the kids rest. Not a bad afternoon.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thank You!

We have all heard the statement that "prayer changes things" and in my has done exactly that! Our sweet baby has changed away from the breech position and all is set to go! I was suprised but also relieved to hear the doctor give his prediction and then confirm it through the ultrasound. Doctor also assured us that 97 or 98% of the time, at this point in pregnancy, the baby will stay put and not turn again - we wait for nature to take its course for us to meet our little one in God's timing! Thank you for all of your many prayers. Now I feel that if the birth is not going to be a pre-scheduled c-section, I had better get a bag packed and prepare for labor! Ahhhh........