Monday, June 30, 2008

Celebrating 5 Years in Mexico!

Today, June 30, marks 5 years since our arrival to Mexico! (I am in the process of making a short slideshow but it is not done yet - I'll post it if it ever gets completed!). Benjy technically drove in 5 years ago yesterday, but little baby Reece and I flew in 5 years ago today. I spoke no spanish and was pretty nervous bringing my litte boy through customs. As the glass sliding doors opened there was a sea of people waiting, but we were quick to see Benjy and the rest of our mission team ready to welcome us. Wow! That seems like forever ago. So much has changed in not that much of time. My heart and mind are flooded with memories of those first weeks and months in this huge City. Juggling a new baby and a very new culture - language - lifestyle. Finding a home, adjusting to Mexico City traffic and driving styles (getting lost more times than we care to remember! I will never forget one of our first ventures out on our own - being stuck in traffic and construction zones - completely lost - seeing the same stray dog an hour after we had passed him earlier - we never did arrive at our destination that day!) The personal effort it took to study spanish for hours at a time while leaving my sweet baby boy in his Daddy's care (although it was wonderful bonding time for them!) The struggle to be the only one on the team fumbling through basic language errors while they seemed to speak as easily as they breathed! I remember that first year of meeting as a team in the bosque for church - dreaming about where God might lead us in our humble attempts to serve Him. I remember conversations of following His lead to be about making disciples! Many memories of outreach events like the Jesus film, the Passion. Meeting lots of new faces and beginning small home based churches. Friday night Bible classes....that later became Friday night prayer time in our home. Moving to the "blue house" in Volcanes. Adding little Chase to our family. Facing the pain of losing a parent with the unexpected death of my Dad. Welcoming and saying good-bye to AIM apprentices. Saying good-bye to teammates and good,good friends Paul, Kristi, Maddi, and Olivia Miller. Lots of very encouraging visits throughout the years from family members, friends, supporters, and summer groups. Thinking outside of the box and attempting to build relationships in the community through a coffee shop. Some ways a success. Some ways a failure - but in both, lessons learned. More AIM apprentices. Changing direction with our team strategy - us and the Hendersons following the call of simple Christianity in the form of house churches. New relationships made. Ministry successes and diappointments. Always personal insight and growth through each high and low of missionary life. Adding little Piersen to our family! Putting Reece in school part time and then full time the next year. Moving to a new neighborhood (where we are now). A whole new world of relationships for us in this phase of life - school friends for Reece, new neighbors. Serving Mexican people by teaching english classes. Lots of personal relationships at many different stages in respect to seeking Jesus. Losing our baby. Slow going in planting new house churches but encouragement in the strength and growth of established ones....

Through all of these times - high and low, good and bad - we have continually confronted cultural differences and language barriers...even obstacles in how to view our mission here. It has not always been easy being so "different". But without hesitation we feel fully blessed and thankful for these past 5 years. Mexico has been good to us. It is where we have raised our little ones to this point! Our family is richly blessed to be able to experience our life mission of sharing Jesus together. Our lives have crossed paths with so many beautiful people and wonderful relationships. We have seen some difficult times and enough disappointment in what we might of prayed turn out differently....but we march onward. We continue in our task here of being and making disciples. We look back on these past 5 years with a smile and with gratitude for what these times and this place and these people have taught us and showed us about life, about ourselves, and about Jesus. Thank You God for all You have been up to and will continue to do to transform us and use us as Your instruments!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mommy-ing, Milkshakes and Prayers!

As the weekend passes by, and I feel tired, I remind myself of the need to pray for my boys. I am reflective tonight and want to be better as a Mom. Sometimes it takes a gentle reminder or a good look in the mirror to realize that I need to refocus and renew myself - my habits - my patterns - as I parent day in and day out. I was looking back at my blog and reading old updates from when my family was smaller and my boys younger. Seems I had more energy. Seems I was more creative. Seems there was less discipline and more fun! Maybe it is the stage my family is at...but I want to pull some of that simple enjoyment back into my interactions with my little ones. I want our family life to be less chaotic and more full of peace. I want each little boy that God has placed in my life to feel so special and so uniquely loved. A few days ago Reece seemed a little "sensitive" and so I asked him if he felt he needed a special "Mommy Reece date - a time for just us to get a milkshake at McDonald's and talk together." I had no idea he would beam as much as he did. He was very quick to announce it to the family and create some jealousy in Chase! So - we are in the process of scheduling this very important Mommy - son milkshake time (yes, I promised the same to Chase! how could I not?!?) These little boys demand a lot from us and I admit that I am not very good at filling myself up before each day takes off! I want to change that because I trust that it will influence each moment throughout the day.

I would humbly and thankfully accept any advice or ideas you might use in your life to be a better Mom! Pray for me! This "Mommy" job is a big task!!

"Father, I pray for your loving protection over our boys tonight. As they grow and reach new stages, please help me to grow as a Mom. I want to be better. I think I too easily forget the importance of relying on You - praying for patience and peace as I interact with them - playing, disciplining, directing, encouraging, reinforcing...I want to give them my best and I don't always do that. I often don't do that. I pray for the wisdom and the strength to provide them with a home life rich in relationship, communication, and dependance on You. Sometimes it feels as though the days pass by so quickly - but I want to enjoy the moments I have with them now. Give Benjy and I insight into what is best for each of them and to provide boundaries, discipline and love that equips them to be men of character in a world that lacks it. Give us consistency, intention, and endurance in this great task of parenting. Thank You for being the perfect Father - may we do our best to model Your love and grace to our kids. I want each of them to know and love You and Your Son. Thank You for the honor of being parents - we need You and humbly ask for lots of wisdom and guidance each step of the journey. In Christ, Amen."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Here are a couple of really short clips of our little guy hammin' it up in front of the camera. He began this out of the blue..."posing" every time he saw the camera or heard a request for a smile. What a boy! Those who know his Daddy might see similar "funny boy" personality traits! Like father like son!

On the Move....Again

Yes, it is true. We received a call a few weeks ago from the landlord saying that her family is moving back to Mexico City and they need their house back. Such is the life of a renter! We were so sad to hear this. Moving with a young family is a lot of work - and finding a place in this City is even more work! Especially for our kids we felt disappointed - they have made so many good friendships here with all the little neighbor kids and we, as parents, could not feel safer than we do in this little community.

But....the story continues. God is a great provider and there just happens to be a family moving to Texas from this same little condominium area! They want to rent their house! They leave in August. Our contract here is out in August. Looks like we won't have to search far - and the moving truck this time will consist of lots of friends carrying our furniture from Casa #7 to Casa #35 (just across the street!)

Although there are several weeks before this move happens, I am beginning to make a long "to do" list to get organized!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Piersen's Latest Tricks!

Well, my sweet baby is growing up! He is 1 year and three months and quite a blessing to us!


So if you look closely you can see his two pearly whites! Chase finally caught sight of them a few days ago (about 2 weeks later than the rest of us!) and it was so fun to watch his excitement over his discovery!

Pierce continues to reveal his personality! It is a sweet one....unless we are dealing with hunger (you cannot feed the boy fast enough) or sharing! Ha! Yes, it is true - if he wants something he puts up quite the fight to keep it. He can be a noisy fella trying to ward off his brothers! Today Chase tried to convince him to "trade" footballs because he wanted the brown one....well, Pierce was NOT in agreement and Chase just looked bewildered that his scheme didn't work! Fun times ahead!!!


Stairs have become a breeze for this little boy and he gets quite a kick out of heading up them as fast as he can when he knows he isn't supposed to. Pierce is standing really well and taking 4 or 5 steps at a time. I wouldn't say he is walking yet but gettin' close. He gets really excited and after 4 or 5 steps he just free-falls and expects you to catch him. I foolishly tried to get him on video - forgetting this small yet important fact. In the video he is smiling and excitedly coming towards me when - bam - he falls face down because my hands were busy with the camera! Oops.


And one of my favorite accomplishments is his way of saying "I love you". You may remember this family trick from when Chaser was about this age. We taught him to..."raise your hand if you love your Mommy!" Piersen has followed in fine fashion - and gets bombarded with the question frequently throughout his day (from all of us - especially his brothers). He is quick to raise his hand...with a big smile...and if he is in a really loving mood - he gives ya 2 hands up!




And...he enjoys this upside down perspective of life as well!


Who says the littlest guy in the family doesn't have any influence! "Look at them trying to be like me!"

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WRCC Visits Mexico City

We enjoyed a most wonderful trip from our partnering congregation: the Westport Road Church of Christ in Louisville, KY. 19 came down - 7 adults and 12 young people - to dedicate a portion of their summer vacation to encouraging and helping us here in Tlalpan! The week was a great success in many ways - our family was so encouraged, our relationships strengthened, and our work enhanced greatly by their prescence. Thank you so much to each and every one of you on this WRCC team. We love you!!!


With the help of this great team of people we held a 3 day eye clinic - offering eye exams, cataract screening, glaucoma screening - and handing out free eyeglasses, eye drops and allergy drops. The turnout was incredible - we had to turn people away every day because they were lined up all alongside the outside of the building. 615 passed through the clinic and I am certain hundreds were left hoping to get in. It was obvious that we met a great need in this nearby community - and we have a lot of work to do to follow up with all those who stated an interest in spiritual things. Continue to pray for us as we take the next steps to make connections with those seeking Christ!






Sunday, June 15, 2008


It has been awhile since I posted....and tonight is probably NOT the night to even think about it. I am emotional and tired. All that that doesn't make for very "sane" writing. Has it ever happened to you that an innocent gesture intended to be a sweet thought for someone else really backfires? Like really backfires? Ya. Anyway.....

So it is Father's Day. I am thankful for the most important man in my life who walks beside me to raise our 3 blessings. He is strong, he is protective. He loves his kids so much and is involved - fully involved - in the raising of them. He is helpful and fun and my kids see him as their hero. No one stands stronger or better in their eyes than their Daddy. I love that. I appreciate him for all the little ways he joins me in taking care of their many needs. When he can't be home for a meal it just doesn't seem "right". Daddy's bedtime stories always seem to be the ones that are remembered and requested. Daddy always gets the pictures or paintings to stick in his office. Thanks Benjy - you know that you are making the biggest difference in the lives of these three boys...and to me, their Mom, I couldn't ask for you to influence anyone more than them. Thank you. I love you.

And, as I think of my own Dad tonight, I miss him. I wish I could give him a call and talk to him - hear his voice - his funny, dry humor. It has been too long. He was a good man....and remains that way in my memory. I love you Dad.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Please Pray for Healing

Please be praying with much faith for little Noah Henderson. Jacob and Amanda (Adah and Noah) Henderson are co-workers with us here in Mexico City. They live in the pink house (I am sure you have heard us refer to this special place). Their young son Noah, who will turn 1 this week, is undergoing some very serious studies for his health. He will go for more bloodwork tomorrow (Tuesday) and they will expect to hear results when those tests come back from the United States - probaby in 7 - 10 days. Please see this blog for more information:

Please, please pray for healing!