Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Months Ago

It is Benjy's "way" to make small talk with the taxi driver when we are sitting in his taxi - partly to be friendly, but also to get a feel for what kind of guy he is (I guess so he can know if we are about to get kidnapped or robbed - I am kidding!) Last May or June, we caught a taxi somewhere and Benjy explained to him why we are living in Mexico City and left him our phone number if he was ever interested in studying the Bible.

Yesterday he called us.

Today he came to our home, along with a friend of his - they are interested in studying the Bible.

You never know how a small conversation or a phone number scribbled on a scrap of paper can be used, even months and months later.

Victor and Romano told us today that they are looking for a relationship with God.

Pray with us for them!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Boys!

Chase - 1 year

Reece - 2.5 years

My kids know what a camera is...and even if it takes numerous shots (thank goodness for digital cameras!) I can almost always capture a good smile!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Cultural Influence

Everyone knows that the culture you live in has a tendency to influence you. We are seeing evidence of this in the life of our son. In the Mexican culture, it can be difficult to accept blame and responsibility for your actions, if they aren't positive. This is even demonstrated through the language....if you arrive late (which is not an uncommon occurance!) you say, "se me hizo tarde" - meaning, something made me late. Not, "I am late" but "something made me late" - a subtle denial of responsibility. The other evening, Reece was playing on the floor and suddenly let out a rather obvious "toot". Benjy said, "hey Reece, was that you?" He very seriously responded, "that wasn't me, it was my bottom."

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reality Check

The house is extremely quiet right now. Benjy is away at a meeting, both boys are in bed, and I can hear the clock ticking in the background - a sound rarely heard around here. I feel a little "out of sorts"....I am reminded today of where I am - physically. This city is so large - there are many dangers out there...and I feel the urgency to pray more seriously about the physical protection of my family. I know we are in God's hands and I take comfort in that tonight.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Little Humility Might Be Nice

After dressing himself for church this morning in his new red shirt, I told Reece he looked pretty cute. A few minutes later I heard him approach Chase and say, "Chase I'm cute. Wanna touch me?"

Feeling Encouraged

We have experienced a very refreshing morning! We met for Sunday worship in the nearby forest/park with a few friends. Benjy prepared a few thoughts to lead us in, but after arriving and finding a spot to sit - Jorge began by saying, "I have prepared something unless you want to go ahead..." Naturally, Benjy declined because it is an awesome feeling to see our Mexican brothers taking the initiative. He shared his heart about the importance of putting our faith into action from James 2. He told us how he shared his faith with his family over the holidays. It was really neat and serves as a confirmation to us that God is already at work in 2006. I mean, of course He is - but it is good to see it with our own eyes so quickly. After discussing, singing, and sharing in the Lord's supper together we spent the better part of the afternoon with all of them...and came away feeling very encouraged. What a nice feeling!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Unexpected Accomplishments!

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The annual discussion of New Year's Resolutions has crossed my mind numerous times in the past days. Of course, I do have specific areas that I want to grow in in my life - and I am intending to take steps to make things happen this year. But, I also pray for unexpected and amazing things to happen in and around me - things I didn't anticipate or plan out. Today, Reece unexpectedly made his first sommersault...and was quite excited and proud of himself. I had noticed that he was in the right position but probably had not ever seen one done. So, I demonstrated it to him (hold the laughter!)and just like that he was rolling all around the room, laughing and calling his Daddy away from his work on the computer to try it too! I know he hadn't planned out that this would happen! And my prayer tonight is that, maybe in my own life, this year holds great and exciting things that I am just that close to experiencing...even if it isn't on my list of resolutions for 2006.