Saturday, July 30, 2005

My boys are my ministry!

I decided to begin a blog page to record special moments in my life as a mom and as a missionary. I have been asked by numerous people to share my perspective as a woman, wife, and mother on the mission field and I think this might be an effective way to do just that. I invite you to share my thoughts - and to respond and communicate with me about your life too. My initial expectation is that what you will see in my entries is that the majority of my ministry right now is to my family - and specifically, my two young sons. I consider it no small thing to hold that opportunity and responsibility in my hands. Reece (2years) and Chase (8 months) are my gracious gifts from God. Their arrival into our lives has been such a beautiful learning experience. It has been so fun to watch their relationship grow too. From the first few weeks until now, Reece has been such a good big brother. He seemed to adjust really quickly and has a whole lot of love and affection for Chase - sometimes too much! Chase is getting more active and is becoming a bit more of a play mate for Reece. Reece too, however, is getting to be more and more boy and less and less baby, so the differences in their definitions of "play" are rather large. I have noticed Chase trying to get into the crawling position these last few days. We will have a few more weeks, I am sure, of knowing just where he is at, but once he gets moving, lots will change for all of us. I am reminded today of how blessed I am to be able to be a stay-at-home mom and watch them grow and develop. I am humbled at the thought of what a tremendous responsibility I bear towards influencing them to know Jesus and walk with Him. I can't help but smile as I think about how much Reece already challenges me in spiritual things. He loves to pray and in his simple, child-like way expresses thanks for everyone and everything he can verbalize. He is learning to sing - and although it often sounds more like chanting, he is beginning to quote "Jesus loves me". We have begun to read John at the breakfast table and Reece is soaking it up - I am trying to give him little concepts that he can put in his heart. If you ask him who Jesus is he will enthusiastically tell you that he is God, the Word, the light, our teacher. He is working on the idea of him being our living water, and a healer. Today - we were in John 5 and read the story of Jesus healing a lame man. Reece later told Mimi on the phone that the man's legs were broken and he was on his bed. Jesus said "get up and walk" and the man said "yyyeeeeaaaaaaah and thank you Jesus". I say all this not to boast in Reece's intelligence but rather to express his beautiful desire to learn about Christ. Shamefully, I must admit, that it is often Reece who asks me if we can read the Bible in the mornings. So, if I ever feel like I need to be more involved in the church plant or having more Bible studies with women, I hope that I will be reminded that my ministry is in full swing - each moment of my day as I care for and look into the bright blue eyes of my little boys. I pray this afternoon that they will see Jesus in their mommy and that I will grow to become a better and better reflection of their HeavenlyFather. Father, I pray for a more Christ-like spirit in all I do and say around our home. Please help me to speak words of kindness and encouragement to my children as I discipline and instruct, and as we play together. Thank you for the rich blessings I have received from you and for the opportunity to be a mom. Please make me better each day. In Jesus name, Amen.