Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A New Slant On Efficiency

Chase is 4. He likes to do things in his own sweet time. It tends to be a "button" of mine that I don't even think he pushes intentionally (well, sometimes he certainly does!) He just does things on his own time.

One of the "rules" when the boys get home from school is to change out of their school uniforms and into play clothes - as soon as they get home - before we eat lunch together. This is always frustrating to Chase.

But being the creative little boy he is, he thinks he may have solved the problem this morning. After breakfast, I sent him to the back to brush his teeth and change out of his pj's and into his school uniform. Oddly, he came out very quickly with a smile on his face. Check out the layering of his clothes - he already has his play clothes on underneath his school uniform. Should make for a quicker transition after school. What a boy! What could I say?!


A Boy & A Tree

I am learning as a Mom that boys & trees make good friends. When we moved over here, the boys were thrilled to finally have a few climbing trees - even though they aren't that big or wonderful, to them it doesn't matter....

On Sunday afternoon as we were relaxing from the post-half marathon (okay, I didn't run it but willingly took advantage of some down time!), the boys were playing outside. We hear a cry - but one of those cries of your kids that you know means something just sounds different. They had been climbing trees and swinging from branches. Reece dropped down and tried to brace his fall with his arms and before you knew it we were investigating the nearest ER to visit. As you can see below, the tree wasn't that big - and the fall not that far - but I guess, leave it to boys to find a way to make anything dangerous! Thankfully, his elbow is not broken, although the doctor was sure it was. The x-ray revealed that nothing was broken, just badly sprained, so Reecer is all wrapped up for a week or so. He was a brave kid and is already figuring out how to do lots of things with one hand...he even attempted to climb that same tree (apparently they are still friends) but I put a hold on that activity for a little longer :)



13.1 Miles

On Sunday, Benjy accomplished his goal of competing in a half-marathon. We are so proud of him because although he was injured and not feeling the best, he was determined and crossed the finish line! Benj has the worst luck and seems to have many a hurdle to cross when he sets a running goal for himself. About 2 weeks before the race he injured/bruised the bottom of his foot. Although I - thinking big picture - suggested he postpone his race and heal up a bit so he wouldn't further injure himself - he looked at me and said, "I am doing this. Even if I have to walk the whole thing. I am not backing out." And so he ran it and he did well!


The boys were so excited for him to come home and hear how it went. We were all disppointed that we didn't go watch him finish but it is just one of those realities of having 3 little ones, being pregnant and not trusting that scenario alone on public transportation in this big city. So instead, we cheered from a distance. Chaser came up with the clever idea of presenting him with we went to work cheering for him, praying for his foot, and making homemade medals to hang around his neck.



Unfortunatley, when he arrived home, he was a bit too sweaty and exhausted to pose for any pictures - he wanted a shower and food! But I just want to say how proud I am of Benjy's hard work, dedication and determination. Way to go Babe!

Annual Mexico Missionary Retreat

We were so blessed to be able to attend the Mexico Missionary Retreat a few weeks ago. It is always such a great time to be renewed, rested and re-connected with great people who are working and sharing Christ in various cities throughout Mexico. This year we all met in Nuevo Vallarta and loved the beach, the pool and the place. Many thanks to Ryan and Amanda Gray for planning the retreat and to Cory and Toni Burns for connecting us with the great hotel.

Of course, the highlights were the great conversations shared between fellow missionaries (many who are old friends) but those don't make for very great pictures. Much more interesting are the kids having fun in the sun!


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I was so proud of my older two boys - who, in the past, have been...let's just say, "afraid" of the big ocean. But this time the waves were gentle and shallow and they gave "boogie boarding" a whirl. They had so so much fun - check out their smiles.





While Reece and Chase explored the ocean, Pierce stuck to safer places, spalshed in the pool and napped!



My handsome beach bums!

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One of my favorite evenings of the retreat was a family walk down the beach. Pierce was frozen with fear in the beginning but by the end was slowly gaining confidence. The boys collected sea shells and sand dollars...and sticks of course :)

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Here is a group picture of most of the MK's (missionary kids). They are a great bunch and are very good friends to my boys. We are thankful for them and their parents who work alongside us in this beautiful country. Unfortunatley we didn't get a group picture of everyone but I believe there were over 60 in attendance.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

On The Home Stretch

So here I am today at 32.5 weeks of pregnancy...continuing to feel really good and enjoying this great time in life! The little guy is laying sideways across my tummy so we are hoping for him to move into position here soon while he still has the space. I am not concerned yet since Piersen was breech at my 34 week appointment and still moved the right way in time. However, why push the line right? Go ahead and pray for baby to cooperate with nature! Thanks a bunch!


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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Since the move to the apartment we took the opportunity to transition Pierce out of his crib in preparation for our new baby's arrival. To give him a litle chance to adjust to the new surroundings, we let him sleep a few nights in the new place in his pac 'n play which had been his companion all summer long. When the time came to switch him to his bed, he didn't seem all that interested...that is until his two big brothers helped us cheer him on. The amazing power of sibling suggestion! Suddenly, you'da thought that this idea was ALL his and that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. He was the proudest little boy, laying down in his new bed with the family gathered around him to tuck him in. It made me smile because it was like he knew how to act all calm and cool through the change because he was big stuff.

These first two pics are of him that first night. I could tell from snapping the picture after he fell asleep that this was going to be an interesting experience....already sideways after not very much time. So as any loving and experienced Mom would do, I surrounded the side of his bed with pillows....and since I am rather pregnant and getting up frequently during the night to use the potty :) I always peek in on him. I don't believe we have had a successful night of staying in the bed all through the night in these first weeks....not because he is sneaking out (although that has happened too - especially at nap time) but because of his twisting and turning and ending up on the floor. The good thing is that he is usually still sound asleep and I just lift him back in and he remains in dreamland.



These last two pics are capturing how I found him just last night - with his sweet little bum up in the air....this was at 7am so I just left him to wake up all on his own...



So there ya have it! My little Pierce is saying good-bye to being a little one. Next milestone to conquer - potty training. He seems quite interested so we may slowly begin this fun job!!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Men In My Life...

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Just stopping by quickly tonight to post a pic of the handsome men in my life! How can a girl be so spoiled?! We are all excited about meeting the newest little man and were thankful to receive a healthy checkup today. On Wednesday I will be at 31 weeks so the big event is fast approaching. Our family is full of life and energy - and yet there definitely seems to be enough love and excitement to welcome this newest boy as one of the crew. I am feeling great and need to post a pregnancy shot of my growing profile here soon. I am reminded tonight of how so very thankful I am for all the good in my life...
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Monday, September 07, 2009


It is my third time around as a Mom to witness the incredible process of language development in my child and yet it has not ceased to amaze me at how it actually happens. Pierce has jumped forward in the last few weeks in leaps and bounds. It seems like before we left for our summer travels, he was barely speaking anything I feel like he says everything! (maybe not everything understandable....but he is truly talking!) I just can't get over how it all comes together in their little brains. I know he has been understanding for a long time and I guess all those words just sort of settle in the brain until they make enough sense to come out as language - in words, phrases, sentences. It is lots of fun and has provided entertainment for all of us in the family. As all little guys, Pierce has some trouble forming certain sounds but it doesn't slow him down from attempting to express every thought (and he seems to have many!) He can't seem to make the "ssss" sound at the beginning of a word so here are some of his classic substitutions:
Wop it = stop it
Wanna whim = Want to swim
Woup = soup
Wump = jump
etc.. etc..

All this just to say that I think this whole "growing up" thing is an amazing journey - all the changes a kid goes through in such a little span of time. I am thankful to get to to witness it happening in my boys!

Friday, September 04, 2009

We are Back

We made it back to Mexico City, tired and worn...and pulling out the inner strength and endurance to pack up a house full of things and move to our apartment. We had help from my dear bro-in-law Burke who was an absolute trooper and carried box after box of books, toys, shoes, etc.. We are now slowly getting settled. It is coming along and I do believe we will be happy in our new place - cozy and looking forward to re-establishing old routines and beginning new ones as our kids grow and our family grows :)

I wanted to blog this because it melts my heart when I think about it and I don't want to forget it.... Our boys have been through moving transitions in their young lives and I like to acknowledge that and give them time to express feelings or frustrations about that. During the last visit to the old house I sat all the boys down in their empty bedroom and we reminisced about the last year of our life in that house. A chance to say good-bye and to remember the good and bad times we experienced within the walls of that home. It is interesting what kids come up with and remember. As the time was winding down I asked who would like to lead a prayer thanking God for our time there. Reece quickly volunteered and voiced this prayer to God: "Dear God, thank you for this house and please take care of it. Bring a new family to live here if that is supposed to happen and help them." He said a few more things but what touched my heart is that while I was more wrapped up in the past, he saw to the future and the promise it held for someone else. I learned from my little 6 year old in that moment. I place a lot of value in memories and in past events and he very naturally taught me to see the good that can come in the future and to someone else from our change. In this change for our family, I am likely a bit more sentimental as I ponder the arrival of another sweet son, the way my three boys are changing and taking on new roles, and wondering what our future holds...but I am thankful today for this change - amidst the clutter and unpacked boxes that we step over and manuever around to try to get settled....I feel am optimistic hope peeking through and brightening this apartment. Good things are ahead of us and that is worth celebrating!