Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bonding Opportunities

A big change happened at our house today! We used our Saturday to deep clean the boys' bedrooms and in the process decided to move the boys into the same room! They are excited to share a room and I think it is neat for siblings to share a room (I have great memories of sharing a room with Char for many years!) In some ways I think we might be crazy since there is nothing pressing them to be in the same room for another many months - so why make them adjust to each others naps and sleeping patterns if they don't have to?! Well, on the other hand, it is going to happen down the road so why not do it now when we don't have a newborns nighttime waking to add to the mix. So we moved Chase's crib in and we will see how it goes. I think it will be fun for them and will provide them bonding time and more chances to scheme ways to get into trouble together - ha! Tonight, Chase was so excited to be in Reece's room, he was jumping on the bed and giggling - Reece looked at me and said, "he is going to wake me up!" But - so far so good - all is quiet.

The other good thing this move does is open up a little more space for me to set up a table and try to get busy on scrapbooking. I am one of those Mom's with great intentions but I have 2 toddlers with incomplete baby books (and actually, I won't say how many pages are even completed!). But with #3 on the way, I would love to get organized and finish each of their first year books at least. I need to get into a rhythmn and stop worrying so much about making the perfect layout. I tend to get paralyzed when it comes to finalizing a page and taping the pictures into place. I take a ton of pictures and so it makes it even harder to select which ones deserve to make it into the album! Oh, the pressures of life - ha!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Heart Stuff

Just wanna say that I am still alive even though it has been a long time since I have posted! We are all doing well - went to see the doc yesterday and we were all excited to hear a strong and healthy heartbeat of the new little one. Reece was especially cute when we explained to him what the sound was and he began to dance in rhythmn to his/her little heartbeat. Special moments. Feeling fully blessed with life and family and friends. What a great God!

Monday, September 04, 2006


With great joy and thankfulness we announce the news of a new baby brother or sister for Reece and Chase - expected to arrive sometime around March 24! We are all excited! I am feeling well for the most part - a bit naseous (first time to have that pregnancy side effect) and quite tired... but since this is my last week of the first trimester, hopefully more energy will be mine soon!

We just explained the news to Reece and Chase this weekend. They are happy! Well, Chase was not too concerned, while Reece melted my heart by proclaiming that when the baby comes out of my tummy he wants to hold it - but he will be very careful and not drop it! Reece most definitely wants a sister - but we reminded him that another little brother would be lots of fun too! Chase is learning the word "baby" but still is much more interested in "balls". Enjoy the video of their conversation by clicking on the "play" button...

Oh, and you can read my thoughts from my post on the day we found out about the pregnancy here.

Friday, September 01, 2006

House Rant

Okay, I don't know if it is just time to cleanse a guilty conscience or what - but I absolutely cannot believe that it is Friday again. And I had intended to get the house completely in order last week - HA! The days pass quickly and I feel a little behind in the clean-house accomplishment department. I had a good conversation with a girlfriend of mine (same stage of life with 2 young kids) and she reminded me of the importance of being realistic with regard to what we can expect to get done around the house at this stage in our lives and motherhood. Thank you Erin for your voice of balance. During the days the picture in my home is a couple of happy, active boys that I love to spend time with and enjoy - and a laundry basket that is more often overflowing to the floor than ever empty....other laundry baskets with neatly folded clean clothes that just have not made their way home into the drawers (my worst habit in the world!!!)...a normal scene of an obstacle course of toys strung along the floor...a kitchen floor with cheerios and other fun stuff to step over and around...a sink full of dishes that are waiting until the drying rack does the automatic job of drying the clean dishes...and so on. Oh - don't get me wrong - I have almost perfected the "ohhhhh, people are coming over mad dash of straightening up and it looking presentable" but in my heart of hearts, I am tired of living that way. I want to be on top of it - but I think the truth of it is that for me, it is a process and not a snap of the fingers change in my life. So - instead of feeling overwhelmed at the many, many things I lack in having a spotless and orderly house - I am going to chip away at it and focus on doing a little better every day - using my time more effectively - and continuing to enjoy what really matters in life! This week I am going to make a mental list each morning and I bet my house will look at least a little better next Friday! Here's to new habits!