Friday, April 30, 2010

The Shirt Says It All

My Mommy Loves Me...
~ even though I slobber all over the place (see my shirt!)
~ even though I have not let her have an even close to decent sleep in over 5 months 
~ even though I have the strongest and most painful pinch reflex in the world and I tend to utilize it whenever she feeds or holds me (both of those are often!)
~ even though I often add to the noise and craziness of our household!
But she especially loves me because...
 ~ I have the most amazing and charming smile
~ I am super social and have caused more-than-we- care-to-count over the top goo-goo-gaah-gaah reactions from everyone we encounter
~ I make this little sing-songy sound every time I eat and it kinda melts her heart (or so I have heard her say)
~ I am growing and learning new things - like the fact that I have pretty much mastered sitting up on my own (other than a few balance issues at times), I try to jump, and I love, love, love to stand (with the support of someones fingers, of course)
~ I am so ticklish and she knows exactly how to make me laugh
~ she believes I perfectly complete our family and just fit in so nicely with all of my big brothers
~ she waited and prayed and hoped for me for a long time and I make her utterly thankful that I belong to our family!!
~ I make her so very happy.  Just because I am me.

So, ya see, there's a whole lot of love that comes my way!  
And that is something to smile about!


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Thursday, April 29, 2010

"D'ya Wanna Play With Me???"

There is always something that needs to be done. Always. Too often the things that don't really matter far too easily take priority. Today, I am thankful to say, that I was intentional about how I was going to answer Pierce's question, "d'ya wanna play with me?" After all, what a sweet invitation that won't always be so freely spoken from my children. I set aside the unimportant to sit down on the floor and play with Pierce. We played "pirates" - Playmobil pirates (I love playmobil toys!)...and I love, love, love my Piersen. What a wonderful time we had.  We put off getting dressed or combing hair (as the pics indicate!) and instead we just escaped hungry crocodiles, doctored up the pirates who got bitten, shot the cannon gun over and over and over again...getting the most joy out of aiming at Daddy's legs when he came home from work.  I love my boy and am so thankful for the invitation to play with him :)  It was so fun, just might have to do it again soon!




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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Day of Firsts....

Wednesday began just about the same as every other day....we had just dropped big brother Reece off at school...Hudson was having some tummy time on the floor...when suddenly...


I looked over and this is what I saw! We all missed it but Hudson snuck in a little roll - from tummy to back. We all celebrated...tried to get him to do it again...but he was not interested in performing for us :)


And then later that day... it was decided to give our big, hungry, growing boy his first taste of solids. I know my boys so I held off on this milestone until they were home from school.... and as was expected Reece asked to give the first taste. Chase followed right behind. I love it that they are involved in the milestones. Makes family life so fun! And Hudson...

He was happy...and perhaps a little impatient so he tried to take matters into his own hands!

An empty bowl....a happy smile!

I love this kid!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sharks Attack While Reece Turns 7

My handsome 7 year old!

7 swimming fins for our 7 year old shark-lover.
...the half eaten man idea is credited to my childhood friend, Jen...she suggested a Barbie but....we don't have any of those around our home :)

We celebrated Reece last weekend - he turned 7 (sniff, sniff) and we partied with a shark theme! We hoped and prayed for a sunny day as we had water games and water balloons (lots of them!) on the agenda. We did get our warm and sunny morning and thankfully, Benjy had the insight to get on with the water stuff....just in time before the clouds rolled in and it poured!!!

Reece has made a lot of friends in his young life and we felt honored that so many of them came to share the day with him (some 25!)  It was a lot of fun and I think each of them had a super great time at this "not so Mexican" birthday party.  I was happy that many of the Mom's lightened up and let their kids get in the water!

If you know my boy, you would understand how thrilled he was when we began to fill up some 300 water balloons for pure enjoyment.  We dumped all of them in the pool and the kids went crazy!!

Check out that smile :)

 They also had a blast on the dash n' splash!!! 

Some refreshers from the warm sun...
Then came the rain. It rained hard! Thankfully we had rented a tent in case this we all huddled inside and waited for this amazing food....tacos al pastor!! (Reece's request!)

 Then it was time for songs and cake and the "mordita" of course :)  Reecer had it coming to him after his recent role in others' birthday morditas! And of course, he loved it!



And although another downpour came, we were able to quickly attack the shark pin~ata and come away with some candy!!





My boy had a great time with all of his friends.  We were thankful to be able to host one last birthday party for him here in Mexico.  

I laid my head down on my pillow that night and tears came to my eyes as I reflected on what Reece means to me, to us, to our family, really to everyone who knows him.  As he grows older and older (I know, he is only 7 but I simply can't believe how fast time has flown!) I cannot believe my heart hasn't already burst with pride in who he is and who he continues to become...

Dear Reecer,

You have always deserved the grandest of celebrations - your life is so special and you mean so much to so many.  Thank you for being who you are and for being a boy that we feel so honored to be able to raise and share life with.  You are fun and curious these days - always having more questions come out of your mouth than we can answer.  You always seem to be thinking and wondering and discovering...and I hope that aspect of your personality never changes.  You are responsible and smart and helpful and patient.  You make us proud with how you perform at school and how much you love to read and write and draw....but even more proud at how you interact with your brothers and friends.  You have a heart of gold and you have an understanding about what matters - beyond your years, I believe.  You have an appetite that never seems to end!  You are growing taller and stronger by the day.  You have athletic skills in hockey and soccer and you have a desire to try new sports.  Like all boys, you love tv, computers, and video games and would play a whole lot more than your Mommy allows you to....but you respond well and want your brain to be smart :)  You are a real friend to others and your people skills will take you a long way as we face this life transition of leaving Mexico. Just know, Reece, that you have made a difference to many people already - especially to me and your Daddy.  We are much better people - much better parents, and a much better family because you are with us.  Never forget how much we love you!  Happy 7th birthday...this year holds wonderful adventures in store for you!

Love always,