Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't You Just Wanna Squeeze Him?


My cutie pie Pierce at 23 mo. wearing gift from Mimi!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Would Win?

I remember back in our early life together, Benjy telling me about what he was like as a kid...that he was curious...and asked lots of questions to his Dad - especially regarding animals (the classic one that always gets brought up: who would win Dad, a king cobra or a viper? or was it a boa?)

Must be a boy thing....we are getting these questions these days from our kids and I kindly send them to ask their Dad for the answer...a little payback maybe! Here are some of my faves most recently voiced by Reece or Chase (and you have to realize these conversations always have a very serious tone to them - they are really asking)...

Who would win...a bear or a lion?

Who would win....a wolf or a crocodile?

And this one simply made me laugh....who would win....a trantula or a porcupine?

Go figure!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Officially Accepted

Although no formal words have been exchanged, actions do speak loudly! As Benjy so appropriately put it the other day, "it's obvious that Piersen is no longer considered a "baby" by his big brothers". He has "graduated" (?) in their eyes into being "one of them" (at times, a very scarey thought!) Apparently all is fair game now in this "brother club"....

Reece came back to the house excitedly exclaiming that Pierce climbed the netted rope, crossed the bridge and went down the big slide all by himself (yes, I gasped and gulped and realized that that is not safe without adult supervision and won't be happening again - thanks, Reece, though for your vote of confidence and for teaching him dangerous stuff!)


Pierce always wants to be in the mix with the big guys when it is time for homework...and he concentrates hard on his masterpiece at hand!


Chase thinks Pierce is ready for the top bunk and invites him to sleep up there with him (again, not gonna happen!)


And, although Pierce likely gains a lot of advantages from entering this new club....there are also some hard knocks involved. Pierce wants to play with the big kids (which is usually cool with them), but also likes with their stuff (often a different story). Suddenly the sweet little guy who was handed toy after toy on a silver platter has happened upon this world of "sharing"....and the results aren't always very pretty. Poor guy!


But if you take the good with the all evens out and the little guy is pretty loved and happy to belong to this adorable "club of boys"


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Sounds of Mexico

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Depending on where you live in this big city, you are bound to encounter some or all of these sounds throughout the day - and especially at night....With time you get used to it and don't notice it that much...
*lots of firecracker sounds for any and every celebration
*loud music when people party (up to all hours of the night)
*roosters (they are known to be a bit confused as to what hour they are supposed to chime)
*large semi-trucks using their retarder brakes (again, often late at night)
*honking and traffic
*a lot of dogs barking

BUT, there is nothing, and I mean nothing as horrible as the most recent sounds we are having to adjust to in our community. I am a country girl - grew up on the farm but I jolted awake again last night at 4am to what I seriously interpreted as a young child screaming as though being severely maimed...Benjy quickly reminded me that all was okay - it was just the cats. Yes...nothing more than cats. Have you ever heard a cat moan or groan or send out a mating call or whatever the heck they are doing in the middle of the night???? It is an absolutely horrible sound. We are dog people....didn't care much for cats before all of this...and especially not lately! Anyone want to come and dispose of a couple of cats?!?

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things....

Life is full. And good. My boys are always changing and doing new things. Here is a short list of the recent things I have loved being able to see in each of them...

Reece, 5 years and 10 months
1. Reece is reading and writing like a maniac. I am so proud of him and amazed at his ability to jump between two languages and recognize how to sound words out and spell them... He is a really good reader and I love to hear him read his Bible. He loves to be read to too - we are currently enjoying the "Boxcar Children" series at bedtime.

2. He is a helper by nature and finishes his responsibilities quickly - a great blessing to a Mommy.

3. His little sense of humor continues to develop. Sometimes a little reminding is in order regarding what and when are good things and times to "be funny" ....especially when it means trying to scare his Mom.

Chase, 4 years and 2 months
1. Chase is a boy who likes to do things in his own time. Although this often frustrates me when we are in a hurry, I appreciate how fully he enjoys whatever activity he is doing or toy he is playing with. This guy knows how to entertain himself!

2. We are proud of how far he has come with letters and numbers. He is gaining confidence and is doing so well in his first year of pre-school and in making friends in his class.

3. This kid plays hard and gets dirty. He could spend even more time each night in the bathtub (and he is already there a petty long time having a great time)

Pierce, 1 year and 11 months
1. This one is about action. I have no idea where he gets his dance moves but he can jive. I love the way he walks with confidence and always seems on a mission to get somewhere (especially if it means getting to go outside or with his Daddy). He has the cutest little pace...and is now beginning to climb up onto everything and reach things off of counters that he never could before. Oops.

2. He can't get enough of drawing or coloring. He moves his tongue along the top of his lips in rythmn with the scribbling motion of his hand. An empty notebook and a crayon can keep him happy for awhile.

3. He is about to take off with talking. He says a few more recognizable words now ("ma ma", "da da", more", "go", bye-bye", "ball", "baff (bath)") but tries really hard to imitate what we say and can decipher most syllable counts in a sing-songy kind of way.

And them all mixed up together makes for a lot of activity, more than enough noise, and a whole bunch of fun. Never a dull moment around here! Gotta love being a Mom of boys - there really cannot be anything quite like it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Praise and Petitions

I know some of you who read my blog are not on our email I am posting our most recent prayer update...just in case you are curious about what God is up to in our part of the world...and if you would like to know what to pray for for us! Below is a picture of our house church group!

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Dear friends,

It has been too long since we have touched base with you and so we would like to share with you some exciting things that are happening in our lives. We ask you to praise God for the ways He is at work around us here in Mexico City, and petition you to be lifting up a few requests on our behalf. Thank you for your continued partnership and encouragement in our mission to shine the light of Christ in Tlalpan, Mexico City, Mexico.

We saw 2008 wind down with growth and vibrancy in our house church, and it has carried on with great optimism early in 2009. We believe that God has been at work for some time in creating a dynamic in our group that is one of loving relationships, openness and sincere desire to know and live Jesus. Over the past few months we have grown numerically and it has been such a blessing to be introduced to new families and couples and to welcome them into our Christian family. We look forward to spending time together through the week in various ways (Bible studies, prayer times, eating and coffee times, etc..) and always enjoy our Sunday times of fellowship, worship and sharing a meal together. It is an exciting time to be a part of the work here. In all honesty, we have seen some slow and difficult times in this work and so we are thrilled to be seeing fruit and great things happening all around us today. Thank you for praying for us, and please don't stop!

Our family is doing well - the boys are growing and changing and always active! We have loved watching them cross milestones in their young lives. Reece (5) is now reading and writing and continues to be a sweet, responsible son and a caring big brother. Chase (4)has jumped right into school and we are proud of how quickly he has learned spanish and is learning new letters and school stuff each day. He loves to play outside and always brings adventure to our family dynamic. Piersen is now nearly 2 and is slowly beginning to say a few more words (that we can understand that is!). He is a funny little guy and certainly doesn't feel like he should miss a beat to what his big brothers get to do. Benjy is continuing his online courses towards his Master's degree and enjoys the things he learns. He desires to see the development of more Mexican leaders and meets regularly to train and disciple people. Carolyn has been blessed to be more involved this year with the boys' school, serving on the parents association. She feels like she has many open doors to friendships with other mom's and neighbors and feels like ministry is happening in very natural ways for her.

Of course, we believe that the faithful prayers of many of you make a difference and have been a part of bringing us to where we are today. Here is a short and more specific list of things we would ask you to be praying about:
* continued praise and petitions for our house church group - that we would grow in love and service to Christ and that we would look outward to sharing our faith with others.
* church retreat - scheduled for March 6,7,8 - specifically for deepened relationships with one another and the ability to listen to God's guidance as we set goals for the year.
* wisdom and guidance as we (Benjy and Carolyn) begin to give pre-marital counseling to a young couple in our group - that Cesar and Nancy would grow in their relationship with one another and overcome certain faith and family obstacles.
* our safety and health - as economic hard times affect Mexico, there has been a rise in crime and violence.
* our teammates James and Erin Henderson (Kate & Caleb) will return mid April from their extended furlough time in Texas - we are excited for their return!
* thanks for the friendship and addition of Lance and Yulianna Wiser to our work!
* Ivan and Hayley (members of our house church) have announced that they are expecting a baby! prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy

Again, we express to you our gratitude for all that you do for us. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us (information below).

Have a great day,
Benjy and Carolyn, Reece, Chase and Pierce Brednich

Monday, February 09, 2009



The month of February is most commonly known for Valentine's Day...or maybe for some the birthday of a loved one or some other occasion.... For me, it means those same things too. But it also brings to my heart memories of difficult days from last year. Today, February 9th, is etched in my heart as what was the expected due date of our latest baby. Losing her last July still, and likely will always, bring a tender sadness to my heart...and I can't help but imagine what our days would have looked like right now if she was in our arms. And as the week moves along we will remember our other sweet baby that we said good-bye to on February 13th last year...another tender sadness in a corner of my heart. But I choose to remember them and thank God for them and what they have showed me about life, about family, about God and His goodness.


Over the past few years, I have collected these figures and they are displayed in our home sort of telling the story of our family. I was touched when I saw this new piece that I had not seen before. Although obviously intended to commemorate "twins" I chose to buy it and include it on our shelf. It is appropriately called "two together" and honors our two little ones who are together and who we knew for much too short of time.


Mt heart is thankful today for the ability to feel, and reflect, and remember important life stuff. And to realize how very good my life is...even in remembering. We love you little ones and miss you.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Another Year

So I celebrated my birthday last week - it was really a great day spent with my sweet boys and then lots of friends for an evening at the movies. And, of course, lots of birthday calls. And, this was my first birthday celebrated with facebook. Good grief. I had more birthday greetings than I celebrated years - from people I haven't seen or talked to in ages. Now, even I know, lots only remembered because it was posted off to the right :) But I ain't complaining! It was nice to know I was thought of. Thanks to everyone. I anticipate a good year ahead for me.

I am not the kind of person that cares about getting another year older. I love birthdays and I figure you may as well embrace them as a celebration rather than something to whine about. And, besides, I still feel really really young...and really really blessed...because I am. Both of those things!

Some sweet memories of the day come from my kids. Being 5, 4 and 1 - they are in the prime of birthday party life. Chase even asked me a few days earlier if I was going to invite him to my party. They left with Daddy the day before to finalize their suprises. Reece took the lead, reminding his Daddy what my cake needed to be like, and Chase suggested a new bat and ball as the perfect birthday gift. I had to close mouths several time the night before as the secret was hard to hold on to (and I am not one for a ruined suprise!) But - the most priceless thing is that Reece (who sleeps like a rock!) entered into our room at 1:50am to ask Benjy if it was time to prepare everything. Ya. Imagine Benjy's level of excitement at this point! He came back in again at 6:15 and so Benj honored him with rolling out of bed. I couldn't sleep either from that moment on...partly because of the clanging coming from the kitchen...but also because I was laughing and smiling at how fun it was to watch those two work as a team. Benjy couldn't find his slippers or something so he turned the closet light on and Reece was pegged behind him, completely anxious to get this all on the way. They went on down and before long Reece was whispering to me if I knew where the candles were?! (Benjy told me later that Reece said,"Dad I told you at the store we needed to buy new ones") I couldn't resist so I questioned why he might need candles...."Mom, just tell me where they are and go back to sleep!" :) Chase woke up in the middle of all this to "help out" and soon Piersen did as well. Benjy juggled the 3 boys, and the fine choice of raspberry white chocolate cheesecake into my bed for a breakfast birthday song! Pierce with his sweet tooth thought he was in heaven and ate most of the cake...and then the boys finished up making me a wonderful breakfast. They gave me a digital photo frame and so I am pretty happy about that too! Loved my day with my family. What a treat!

The life lessons I learned this past year of life have and continue to shape me into who I am . I can only pray for humility and faith to continue to look more like Jesus through my journey. Cheers to another year!