Saturday, January 27, 2007

I'll Have Another One Just Like Her

Well, if you have not figured it out yet, yes, I, Carolyn's husband, have infiltrated her blog space. I thought it not right for Care to have to blog on her birthday about all that happened and how great and special she was to everyone. So, I thought I would break in on her blog site and let her and all her blogging crew know how special and loved she is to me and the boys.

As most of you know we are expecting in late March and we have decided not to find out the sex of the child. We have had names picked out for both and actually feel good about the girl's name, but are unsure about the boy's. My favorite is Knox (seriously) for a boy, and it has slowly grown on Carolyn surprisingly. Emyerson Grace (sp?) if it is a girl. We are really content either way, but I can't help wonder if it is a girl what she will be like and what a tremendous example of a mother, wife, and friend she will have in Carolyn. Obviously, I wasn't there when Carolyn was younger, but I have heard enough stories to be able to piece enough about her together to get an idea of what she was like. I can't help but think if we have a girl those same characteristics will be passed on to her.

I picture a little girl that walks around barefoot all the time and is thankful for everything she sees in nature, and sees nature as her playground. She would be creative and thrive on challenges and problems. Her school work would be impecable, not like her daddy's, and she would rewrite her notes every night because her homework and notes are a representation of who she is. I picture her and Carolyn watching hockey together as Carolyn begins to plant in her mind Toronto bad, Calgary good. Gretzky bad, Fluery Good. I picture a girl that is caught up more with the world and its problems than the world and its materialism. And most importantly I picture a girl that loves God, her family, and others more than her own life, because that's what she has seen every day of her life.

Even as Carolyn celebrates 32 years today I see glimpses of her as a kid whether that be how she creatively comes up with ideas for the boys birthdays or more so when she cries and longs to be better and closer to her God. So, God, if it is a girl then "I'll have Another One Just Like Her" and if it is a boy, well, then, "Knox" you will soon find out for yourself, as Reece and Chase alreay have, that you have a pretty special Mom taking care of you.

Happy Birtday Care



Monday, January 22, 2007

New Babies

Just a few thoughts on the happiness I feel from hearing exciting news of 2 high school friends who gave birth to their babies over the past few days...Tara McMillan - her second, a boy named Michael Eugene and Jenny Ranum - her first, a girl - yet to announce the name. I am thankful for technology as I have already seen pictures of these beautiful babies. Congrats to both of you!

It makes me so excited to meet our little one in about 2 months. Time is passing quickly and although there is a small amount of "reality" that life with three is going to be a big change....I am loving this stage of pregnancy (in most ways!). The baby is moving lots more and has grown to the point where it is more than the butterfly flutter. I feel like I can feel him or her completely flip over at times, and I can feel his/her little legs or arms push up against my tummy. Even after the third time I am absolutely amazed at it all and I feel so connected to this little one. Reecer never seems to be around when the baby is moving the most and doesn't have the patience to sit and wait too long - but he tries to wake him or her up by shaking my tummy. It is cute. He is super-excited and talks about the baby a lot. It is neat to watch him relate to it all as he was too young to grasp it when I was pregnant with Chase. He will be a great big brother. As I tucked Chase in tonight and was praying for him it dawned on me that he will become a big brother too. He sure is growing up. During nap/quiet time this afternoon, Reece yelled down the stairs that Chase just crawled out of his crib. Oh boy! He is the type that won't stay put in that crib much longer now that he has discovered a way to escape. We are also on the brink of weaning him completely off the pacifier. He is quite attached - but hopefully will transition out of it by the end of the month. Fun stages.

I haven't posted in awhile, but just want to proclaim how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to be a Mom. I am excited about this new year and pray that I will grow in my role as a homemaker and parent to these little guys - I am aiming at developing better routines, more quality time, devotional times, responsibilities, and so on. God uses these little lives to teach me a lot and I only pray they can see God in me as much as I see Him in them.