Monday, June 14, 2010

What Boxes Can't Contain...

I am tired of the word "packing" and also tired of the word "good-bye".


As you can see, we are slowly making progress.  

We better be.

Our days are less than few.

We had a most amazing celebration yesterday with so many friends. We felt honored and loved. We witnessed God's work. We cried many tears. We ate amazing food. We took a lot of pictures. Gave and recieved a lot of hugs. And. We had a whole lot of fun. Mariachis. Dancing. Laughter. It was incredible and will never be forgotten. Our despedida (good-bye party) will receive its very own post soon.

I am emotional and busy with lots to do. But I also am happy to be reminded that the most important treasures in my life are not needing to be packed in a box, taped and labeled. My great husband and wonderful boys are going with me. And so is a heart full of memories and a great number of real friendships. Those things can't be boxed (except for a few moments of fun!), and that is something to smile about.



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