Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Is That A Challenge???

The other day I was in one of those parenting situations in which my instruction was not being heeded very well.  After repeating myself several times I simply stated,

"Chase, if you are not going to listen to me, I may need to help you obey with a spanking"

This kid cracks me up all the time - this time he very cooly responded.  The conversation went like this:

Chase: "That's ok because I know the secret against spankings."

Me: "oh you do do ya - and what is that?"

Chase: "it's easy...  if you don't want a spanking to hurt you just close your eyes"

Me: (trying not to smile - but he isn't really looking at me anyway - because, remember, he is too busy engaged in his own activity to be obeying my instruction in the first place) "and who told you this secret"

Chase: "nobody. I just tried it once and it works.  You just close your eyes really tight"

Me: "well, maybe we will hafta test out your theory" :)

Note: the conversation distracted him from is disobedience, he soon did what he was asked and no spanking was put into effect to test the theory....this time!

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Devin said...

Hahahaa!! That is so, so funny! I think he and Colin would get along very, very well :)