Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Mountain Top Experience!!!

This little family 
this big mountain 
this past weekend!!


Ok, ok - so it was no Izta like Benjy recently climbed, but for all 6 of us to make it to the top it felt like a pretty cool accomplishment....especially for certain little ones who walked each step of the way with their own resolve and determination to make it all the way (more on that to come!)

So...we spent Saturday with some very special friends as we set out to a little town just outside of Mexico City called Tepotzlan. There is a pyramid built on the top of a mountain so we decided to climb it and see it together. It was a super experience for all of us and we shared some special, life lesson applications together throughout the day and the climb!

First things first - strapping Hudson in his comfy backpack.  

He did not set one sweet smelling foot on the trail, but he didn't have any complaints about it :) Hudson was completely happy to let someone else do all the work!

But Piersen, on the other hand, was all about doing the work - all on his own - step by step by step.  He climbed to the the top of the mountain by himself - slow and steady - even while the others raced on ahead of him, leaving him literally in the dust.  He walked at his own pace,slow as it seemed, while his Daddy patiently cheered him on, supporting him as he strived to accomplish his goal of simply getting to the top like everyone else.  And he did it!  We couldn't believe it when Pierce and Benjy arrived.  What an inspiration we received from his sheer will and determination.  What a boy!!!
These two big boys, along with all of the kids, lead the group to the top.  In fact, they were so full of life and energy (what's new here?!?!?) that we were all left scrambling to keep up with them!

Yes, that's right....James was kind enough to relieve me and my back by carrying Hudson for me - thank. good. ness.

We were blessed to see some beautiful scenery!

The view of Tepotzlan from the top!  Yep - we made it!!! 

At the top of the mountain is the pyramid.  It was very high and rather freakey to watch your young children crawl all over it...I was just a little nervous!
Me and my big boys!
Somewhere on this Where's Waldo picture below...
if you look carefully, you will see Benjy and 
Pierce resting from their amazing climb!
Here we are!!! 
So proud of our Pierce!  A picture of him and his Daddy to always remember this great accomplishment in his 3 year old life!

All of us at the top of the pyramid.

The kids celebrating their victory!!  
They wanted their own mountain to climb...and they did it!!

And before we knew it it was time for the journey back down!  What a good Daddy - carrying his two little ones!

It was such a great day for all of us.  The many similarities of this day - the climb - the effort - the encouraging one another to keep going - the exhaustion - some slipping - some turning back - the hard work - the excitement - the beautiful view at the end of it all - the teamwork - keeping your eye on the goal - and on - and on - and on..... this kind of experience relates to life.  The journey isn't always easy....but it is so so worth it!!


Betsy said...

Love this post. The look of pride on their faces is priceless. I love the last 2 pics. Benjy and his 2 youngest. So sweet.

Burke and Stacey said...

I love Hudson's chubby little legs sticking out of the backpack. Adorable. Very neat story!

Jim said...

Wow - nice work, guys! The most I've done with that mountain is look up it and try to take a picture. ;) Looks like it would be a fun mountain to climb!

Devin said...

Care, that is seriously the coolest thing that you did that with all the boys! And carried Hudson? HOLY cow. What. A. Woman! Glad hubby relieved you after a while. My legs were aching just thinking about doing that!

GREAT pics!