Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Cup

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So Mexico is going crazy now that the World Cup has begun. They are crazy for their soccer! This morning, Reece & Chase were so so so excited to go to school and watch the game on the big screen that they were gonna set up for all the kids. The government encouraged the schools to let the kids watch the game at school - talk about loyalty - I loved it! However, as Mexico City has proven over and over again, it can't be depended on to have electricity when most needed. The power went out in the middle of the night in our area of the City. No one could believe it!!! The game started at 9 and we just hoped and hoped it would return on time. It didn't. We had planned to watch the game with friends so as we were leaving the apartment to head to their house, we drove by the school. They were lining the kids up to transport them to another nearby school that had electricity. They asked us to help with kids so we piled a couple of loads of 15 or so kids and drove them down the street. It was so fun! All the kids were excited and many wearing soccer jerseys. Go Mexico Go!!!

Here is a snapshot of my 3 Mexican born and/or raised! Pierce was the proudest of his shirt! We were thankful that Mexico came away with a tie against South Africa... Even though a win would have been better...we cheered hard!



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Devin said...

So cute!

Glad you were able to watch--US tied today against England...I was just like you, glad it wasn't a loss, but hoping for a win!

LOVE the jerseys! We are big soccer fans around here, thanks to Shane!

Timbra Wiist said...

what? where's hudson's team spirit? very fun!!! so funny about transporting the kids to a school with electricity b/c it was THAT important :)